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Here's a list of the previous Community Showcases in the news.

#1 - Talamoana, one more time by Joe Duncan, The Current State of PvP by LiftingNerdBro featuring Greendude, Bino's Kitchen Knife Key Chain by justindjg, PKed at Normal Oak by Manocean.

#2 - Beat RNG in the Real Life league by making an Exalted Orb by Meronomus, Blood and Life (and other short stories) Fan Fiction by Frostbites, Tormented Tales Comic by Gallio, Lemon Challenge for 3,500 followers by KoreanGamer

#3 - Poe Atziri Killer by GoombaTastic, Avatar of Fire by ACRpanda, Ken kills Brutus on Bloodlines by NoHandsKen, Why I love Herald of Thunder by denalae, Adventures in Wraeclast - Season 1 Episode 1 by Exponential Crazy.

#4 - "Adventures of Wraeclast" - Piety's Day Off by Exponential Crazy, Virity Witch Sculpture by Joxol, Hideout Series: Against The Oriath by CMKcrazay and Frostbites, Tales of Blackguards by Gallio, PicKle Surprise! by Willywonka_HC.

#5 - Fan Art Competition results.

#6 - King Kaom by Blagoje, Why Piety doesn't like Brutus by MortusWD, Dagdagiel the Fire Witch by Ten_of_Swords, Morikiopa's reaction to being blessed by the all-father of random numbers, "Chris Wilson, please." by K0reangamer.

#7 - Ultimate Haku Hideout + Timelapse by Spartalicious, Dominus by Torvald2000, Fan Art and Cosplay by Farandine, When my Koala pet went beserk by lolozori, 4000 Belts Later the Headhunting Begins by Ghudda.

#8 - The Crit Song by KurtCobainsShotgun, Queen Atziri Reworked by Bosnik, Templar vs Kadavrus by Kurati_Chobanin, Defiant Hearts and Some Sketches by Mayradati, Path of Exile - My First Look & Gameplay by Moldran.

#9 - RIP 14% to level 80 HC challenge" by PhageTV, Lord Voll of Thebrus" by Cypherical, Mjolner Necklace" by Azata, Kaom and Dominus by Jideament, "Only Takes One!" by Willywonka_HC.

#10 - King Kaom Fan Art by Cer, Piety the Empyrean by JosephPutra, Dominus Encounter by tacihon, PoEtry by Willywonka_HC.

#11 - The Siren's Cadence by Vindsvept, The Stronghold of Fury by JowyAttreides1991, Act Four Town Music Remix by eko1991, 1M HC Guide on Eating Bananas Efficiently by Mathil, Deterministic Dubstep by The Bockwurst.

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