Community Showcase #6

(By the way, Chris wanted me to remind everyone that there's a developer/fan meetup in San Francisco this weekend. It's not too late to attend!)
King Kaom by Blagoje
This is a digital piece based on King Kaom. Despite being created with photoshop it has the essence of a more traditional art medium. The brush strokes look thickly layered and create a chalky texture.

Why Piety doesn't like Brutus by MortusWD
This is a quirky comic that details the personal dynamic between Piety and Brutus. Perhaps Piety is so stroppy because she's always hangry.

Dagdagiel the Fire Witch by Ten_of_Swords
This fan art piece is based on Ten_of_Swords' previous character from invasion league. We were impressed with the colour scheme and attention to detail in this work.
We all know what it's like trying to craft your perfect item. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's devastating. Check out Morikiopa's reaction to being blessed by the all-father of random numbers.

RNGesus giveth and he taketh away. "Chris Wilson, please." - K0reangamer

If you would like to submit your work to share with others and be considered for future Community Showcase posts, please post your work here.
Dose eye's doe
First page please? Nice artworks tho! Gz to them
It only takes 1 fusing... that was sick. I've tried to watch this guy's stream but honestly. He swears just to swear, a lot, and i'ts impossible to enjoy his stream. There is no context he just swears all the time.

/willywonka prayer
Haha; I like this!
I really wished i could be at the developer/fan meetup but its way to far away for me!

But if you guys ever going to visit germany, let me know and pay for the first couple of drinks :D

Just came from Mori's channel after he saw this, pretty cool of you guys to put him up :) Yeah, he does swear a lot, so sensitive people and youngsters with parents nearby should probably skip it.

Also that's some sick art in that contest, gz to the winners!

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