Community Showcase #3

"Poe Atziri Killer" - by Goomba Tastic
If you have a dry sense of humour and you're keen for tips on how to handle "Atziri Minions" check out this satirical Atziri Kill guide.

"Avatar of Fire" by ACRpanda
This fan art piece was created with Faber-Castell watercolour pencils and finished with a light digital touch up. ACRpanda did a great job!

"Ken kills Brutus on Bloodlines." by NoHandsKen
Using only his mouth to guide the cursor and utilise his flasks, Ken kills Brutus on Bloodlines using the starter weapon from Twilight Strand! Check it out here.

"Why I love Herald of Thunder" - by denalae
This fan made comic expresses denalae's appreciation for the Herald of Thunder Gem.

"Adventures in Wraeclast - Season 1 Episode 1" by Exponential Crazy
Exponential Crazy has started a cartoon series called Adventures in Wraeclast. This short cartoon is a brief excerpt of life in Wraeclast. We really enjoyed it!

If you would like to submit your work to share with others and be considered for future Community Showcase posts, please post your work here.
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More Adventures in Wraeclast pls
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''I uh.... have some crap to sell?''
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Hurray for no hands Ken showcase! That's mighty impressive!

Any way you guys can let him click on skill icons to activate them? Right now he can only use 2 skills on the left and right mouse buttons
2.0 ain't no melee patch.
I am totally liking this segment of the front-page updates :), some amazing stuff came out of creating this sub-forum.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
Ken.... You are amazing and an inspiration to us all. We need to surround ourselves with people like you. You have the heart of a lion sir. <3
i like big crits and i cannot lie, you otha brothas cant denyyy....
NoHandsKen... hero :) i have no balls to facetank brutus, even on normal :3
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