Community Showcase #10

ZiggyD Q&A with Senior Game Designer Rory Rackham
ZiggyD recently held a Q&A with Rory where they discussed balance, skill design, passives and boss fights in the Awakening Expansion and Closed Beta. Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

King Kaom Fan Art by Cer
This digital fan art piece is a vivid interpretation of King Kaom. We particularly enjoyed the implication of the sinister creature behind him.

Piety the Empyrean by JosephPutra
This artistic recount of the battle with Piety is quite outstanding. JosephaPutra has recreated this scene using his own style, yet it still retains the natural vibe of Path of Exile game art.

Dominus Encounter by tacihon
This was another stand out piece from the Fan Art Competition we held recently. The textures used and the gleam in the eyes were subtle details that really enhanced this work.

PoEtry by Willywonka_HC
From the depths of Norway,
there was a man,
who had some talent
and a plan.

He wrote for us,
a little poem.
Something to discuss,
for those who know him.

He wrote with gusto,
and no fear.
You can see his video,
By clicking here.

If you would like to submit your work to share with others and be considered for future Community Showcase posts, please post your work in the Community Showcase Forum.
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
oh yeah ;)
Thanks Bex, more stuff like this please!
wtb soj
IGN: Boomway

Nice poem for willy :D
"I died with the maps"

lmfao rekt
Amazing fan art! it really makes me wanna do something! Willy's poem is awesome ! XD
100 points
From the land of new zeal. Just here to stalk the forums.

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