New Unique Armour: The Restless Ward

Do people find charge duration to be of any value? I personally have never had an issue keeping up endurance or frenzy charges.
Soo hope it looks like this !!!!! cant wait to use
Useless vendor trash.
Charge duration has no value at all, 1% movespeed per frenzy charge is negligible, and 16 life per second per endurance charge might aswell be 0 life per second.
Everything about this unique that should make it feel unique is garbage.

If it was atleast build enabling, but no its not. Charge duration is certainly not a build enabler.
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Sweet another sick skin added to the game...(if it has 3d art)? Cant really see using this at lvl 71 over other options though so a skin is prob all people will want it for =/ No resists, low life, no power charge interaction on a carnal... =(
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It is a brilliant unique imo.

At first glance it looks so pish I had to stop and think why... just why?

And after a long while I got an idea for it which I've got to test. I think it will be OP.

It is a brilliant unique.
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Augustrad wrote:
I see the common complaint that the base type and endurance charge bonus basically go against each other and yes I agree...

Actually I think they compliment each other nicely... Armour based characters have access to a lot more life regen from the tree and other gear options. Evasion and/or ES builds though struggle to find life regen on the tree and gear, so this item will give them an option to gain some life regen. CWDT + EC + ID will help them keep life regen up adding to their survivability.
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Please tell me that has 3d art. *drools*
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not bad!
Stats aren't amazing.
Movement speed boost is negligible.
Life regen is something, but an es/ev char is only going to have the minimum charges.
Most players use specialized setups to have constant max charges already, so I doubt the duration boost will very helpful at all.

Overall: 2/5 Too high of requirements for too little reward, but at least it's kinda useful endgame and isn't a worthless leveling unique. Worst case scenario it could be a cool skin transfer!
I like the idea, however the benefits of this unique are almost solely the life regen. I'm worried that opportunity costs would make this unique dead on arrival.

The thing that jumps out on me is "why not power charges as well?" It would be really cool if this could interact with power charges in some way (possibly while lowering the amount of life regen).

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