New Unique Armour: The Restless Ward

Interesting... I had a conduit support character that generated all 3 charges that would have benefited a lot from having those charges last between more mobs. I wonder if the endurance and frenzy bonus is variable and can potentially be higher.
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I love the idea of this item! Very cool, but... only 1% movement speed per Frenzy Charge? Please tell me there's a possible range of, like, 1-4%.
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jahcinto wrote:
the idea is decent, especially on endurance charge duration, tho the mods seem a bit low / no extra charges.

The item doesn't appear to be about extra charges or necessarily powerfully boosts per charge... but rather the increased duration.

100% increased duration is HUGE!!

The increased charge duration nodes on the tree are only 18%, so 100% is at least worth 5 passive nodes, but then again the nodes on the tree are restricted to the charge types... where as this is 100% for all. GG.

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Maybe if there was something Crit wise (+2% crit multi?) related to the power charges i could see this being used, but as is it's pretty meh-ish.
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looks useful
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would be alot better with leech mechanic involving charges for instance .25 % life leech per end charge and .25 % mana leech per frenzy charge.... how this chest is now being an end game chest isnt very appealing def needs another mechanic
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Mods doesn't seem synergistic. Will be interesting to see how people use it.
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I see the common complaint that the base type and endurance charge bonus basically go against each other and yes I agree. However need we not forget that there are jewels that convert one stat to another.I am just speculating here. But I wonder if that tought was in the supporters mind when coming up with this unique. No idea if those jewels would actually make it viable. I don't have close enough to the end game experience to say so.

As mentioned, just speculating.
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