New Unique Armour: The Restless Ward

Haha this is perfect for my EB Glacial Cascade Build that constantly has Power, Endurance and Frenzy charges generating all the time
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Interesting armor. And interesting base armor choice for what it does. I would think it would be more of an armor/eva hybrid, but I always enjoy the different things like this.
nobody will use it :(
i want to see the 3d art *-*
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Hm. 16 life per second per endurance charge is 160 life/second assuming you go all-out with the charges, which translates to 3-5% regen depending on your build; probably closer to 3 given that endurance-heavy builds are going to have lots of STR and access to HP nodes. That's not entirely awful, especially considering that a lot of folks are considering this a 1c unique. With this, it might be possible to build for RF without having to trek into some of the Duelist-area regen nodes, or maybe without using RotP. Lots of possibilities from that mod. Could also maybe use it in some sort of ZO/EB build for some flat 'mana' recharge, although that might take too much investment to really be feasible.

The frenzy mod, not so much; only so much you can do with extra movespeed. I look forward to seeing someone run it with Darkray Vectors, though, if only for silliness' sake.

Still, definitely a neat unique, even if it isn't obviously powerful like many folks are claiming. Love the art, too.
Yeah, can't say I like it much. Support character maybe? Even then the idea of spending so many skill points to help this support this armor doesn't make much sense. Unless there's a special unique I'm forgetting. If you used Conduit on that thing would you share your personal extra duration charges? Whenever I see a unique like this I'm tempted to vaal it, +1 to maximum charge rolls are possible I bet.
I wonder if Hillock-Senpai will notice me when I go to town??
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Gonna be honest - this armor looks amazing, but suffers the Solaris Loracia problem.

Neat mods. Worst Base Possible.
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So evasion/es armor that only really boosts endurance charges worth anything?

Well trolled ggg, well trolled.
Funny armor, nice :)

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1c tops.

For being an ES/EV base with that low of an energy shield the tiny amount of +hp is nowhere near enough to offset it. Sure you could make it work with investment into endurance charges, but those are in the direct opposite side of the tree to the EV/ES nodes. I get that not every chest has to be defensive to be viable, but this is no volls and EV/ES is the style that needs you to have the maximum possible bonuses you can get to remain viable.

EDIT: added some constructive feedback
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