[Item Filter] One Filter to Rule Them All 4.9.2 (Updated 2021-10-25 / EOL)

hey I just had a rare maven's invitation drop and it was hidden because it got caught in the section
# Section: ### Rares (CatchAll) [3DX0LR]

i was using the high filter, but id guess this applies to them all

just a heads up

EDIT: the problem has been fixed
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I have migrated to FilterBlade mimicing this filter as much as I can.
Here is my ~1100 style changes to fit the appearance of unsupported filter.
The main problem of NeverSink filter is almost random colors and glyphs of items without any systematic labeling. I've tried to fixed this:

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Thank you for all your work man. Great filter. Used it since I started poe few years ago. Do you know by any change filter similar to yours that still will get updated ?
Thank you for your kind words! A friend of mine uses Neversink's "slick version" (?) and regularly mentions it "basically looks the same".
Other than that I would check what other filters there are and run each of them for like an hour or so and see if you like it.

I can't give a personal recommendation as I've never used another filter, nor looked much into them. Back in the days I would have recommended Antnee's filter (kudos, I learned so much from him), but it's been unmaintained for a while now.

You could also add new league support yourself. It's really much easier than it seems. I'll gladly try to answer any questions you or anyone else might have, regardless of the item filter in use.

Last but not least, I will probably update this every now and then depending on whether or not I play the (new) league.

However given the lack of (real) testing ability before launch and the limited time frame between publication of the Item Filter information and launch of the new leagues (~2 days), I cannot guarantee to have the update ready in time anymore. In the past I took days off prior to league launch to prepare as best I could, which is not always possible or even wanted anymore and ultimately led to two [1, 2] major bugs in the past two releases.
That's something I can live with personally, but doesn't meet my own expectations for a publicly available release.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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I just want to say thanks for all the hard work you've been putting out on this filters.I've been using this since perandus league so its quite sad to see the filter go,hope you are doing well whatever you are doing next!
Sad to hear that you will not be updating it regularly but totally understand that it requires more personal time than it is worth.

Thank you so much for the best looking item filter that ever graced this game with its presence, much appretiated Muldini!

Man, bummed to hear it but understandable. This is far and above my favorite filter, been using it for ages. Love the aesthetic and the progressions. Really appreciate your work over the years keeping it maintained.
Really sad to hear this won't be updated anymore.

Can someone recommend a similar filter ? I can't stand all the random colors and borders on the other ones. might have to just use the default filter now.
As someone who always used this filter since the day you launched it, i just wanna say Thank you. You made our gaming sessions so much better, the simplicity of this filter is the best one around. One filter really rulled em all.

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Thanks a lot for the time invested in this Loot Filter! I used it from day one and was never disapointed.

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