Antnee's Classy Item Filter for Distinguished Exiles - 3.0

This is a comprehensive, highly customizable item filter.

Customization Tutorials

There are some things you can easily change to suit your liking. To get around in the file, simply do a search (ctrl+f), and enter the 4-digit header for any section. (example: 000i will take you to a section where you can add base white items for chancing)

This is an incredibly useful resource for making or editing a script; it contains a list of classes and functions. This should be read by everyone who wants to edit or create their own script. Davros70 has done a superb job. Filtration is an amazing GUI item script editor. This filter has been formatted to have commented sections while using Filtration. Loot Wizard is a handy little tool, written by Hondana. It's basically just a set of checkboxes that you can use to easily switch Smartblocks on and off, without touching a text editor. Great for races!

Some of the customization tutorials will instruct you to go to certain sections, blocks, or lines to make changes. For many people who are uncomfortable with scripting, this may be confusing. In the example below, you will see a clarification of what those words mean.

A section is defined as a collection of blocks, typically with a general purpose in mind. For example, the section outlined in red is designed to highlight certain gems. All sections in this script begin with a 4-digit header code, which can be used to quickly jump from place to place within the script.

A block is defined as a collection of lines, which have a singular purpose. In the block in orange, rare gems such as Empower are highlighted. A block must begin with a "Show" or "Hide" line. A block ends when another line containing Show or Hide is read by the client.

A line is used to give instructions to the block in which it is contained. The line highlighted in yellow gives a blue-green background to quality gems, but does not affect the block below it, which affects only rare gems.
If you wish to see ALL items (nothing hidden)
For a lot of people, hiding items is just not what they want. If you wish to show all items, and only use the highlighting features, search and replace all instances of Hide with Show.

Hidden items will still show up when you press the highlight key. This script, by default, will reduce the opacity of obsolete items (which are also set to Hide). If you wish to change this, replace all instances of SetBackgroundColor 0 0 0 0 with SetBackgroundColor 0 0 0 240.
If you wish to see NO white/blue items
By default, all level-appropriate gear will be shown. To quickly hide all white/blue items, search and replace the following tags...

Show #Gear
Show #Obsolete
Show #Jewelry
Show #Flasks

...and replace them with...

Hide #Gear
Hide #Obsolete
Hide #Jewelry
Hide #Flasks

There are three spaces between Show and #. The forum hide all extra spaces, unfortunately. Just copy them as they are in the index.

Please note that this will not hide 6-sockets, 5/6 links, RGB items, rare/unique items, or anything else that could be remotely considered valuable.
Adjusting how much loot you see while leveling
Section 001r is the "master control" for how many white/blue items you see while leveling. If you wish to see more items, reduce the DropLevel in each block by small increments, until you're happy with the result. If you wish to see less items, raise the DropLevel in small increments (but do not exceed the ItemLevel, or it'll break!) For example:

In the block above, items with a level requirement less than 14 will be hidden if the zone you are in is level 20 or up. This means that if you're in an area like The Vaal Ruins, a white Simple Robe will be hidden, because it would no longer be of interest to most people.

Exceptions to the scaling filter for linked sockets (001q)

This section overrides the leveling filter, and will show somewhat obsolete gear if it has four linked sockets. So, that simple robe in the Vaal Ruins will show up if it has four linked sockets, even though it may not be the greatest base item for your level. For example:

This block states that in an area with a zone level between 30 - 39, an item with a level requirement of more than 15 will still be shown if it has 4 linked sockets. You can adjust the DropLevel value to your liking; raise it if you don't want to see lower level items, and lower it if you want to see a wider range of 4-links.

You could also hide all white/blue items except for those that you could potentially equip on the character you're playing. For example, to only see Claws, Shields, and Strength-based Boots/Gloves/Helmets/Armor:

First, replace all instances of Show #Gear with Hide #Gear.
Then, search/replace all instances of Hide #Gear - Claws with Show #Gear - Claws. Repeat this for #Gear - STR Armor

Like this!
This is an advanced editing feature, for those who wish to make changes to the script quickly and easily to suit their own needs. I recommend using Notepad++ (make sure your encoding is set to ANSI!)

Some blocks in certain sections now have a designated comment in the Show/Hide line which can be used to quickly toggle certain parts of the script on/off. In the pictures below, you'll see some of these tags:

Example of a SmartBlock

SmartBlock Index, found at the top of the filter. This is just the start!

For example, #Misc - Chisel Hammers pertains to any blocks that deal with Gavels, Stone Hammers, or Rock Breakers. Blocks that handle obsolete items and flasks while leveling are labeled with #Obsolete.

So, if you want to see all items while leveling (instead of hiding the "bad" ones), you could use the #Obsolete tag to toggle this behavior. Copy the appropriate SmartBlock tag from the top of the script (as seen in the highlighted line below)

Then, using your text editor that supports Replace All, paste the line into the "Find" box. In the "Replace With" box, change the Hide to Show, as seen below:

Note: you MUST include the Hide/Show when you copy these tags!

Then, click "Replace All". This will search for any blocks that hide obsolete flasks and items, and force them to be shown instead.

There are several different SmartTags to use. Please note that most of these tags pertain to white/magic items, so there is no risk of missing anything truly valuable by using these toggles.
SmartBlock Index
Here you'll find a revised list of toggles, and a description in the spoiler. Note that some (like #Gear) are master control toggles, and have details on specific options in the spoiler.

#Misc - Chance Items
Items listed in the last block of section 000i will be shown (regardless of the status of other tags, such as #Gear). By default, only "Sacrificial Garb" is listed. You can add any items you wish to this block. Here are some suggestions that you can add yourself:

"Gold Ring" "Glorious Plate" "Occultist's Vestment" "Agate Amulet" "Prophecy Wand"
#Misc - Chisel Hammers
Stone Hammers, Rock Breakers, and Gavels to be used for the chisel recipe.
#Gems - Active Skill Gems 0 Quality
Any active skill gem (such as Heavy Strike, Ice Nova, Flameblast) with no quality.
#Gems - Support Gems 0 Quality
Any Support Gem (such as Multistrike, Blind, Mana Leech) with no Quality.
#Jewelry is a master control tag that will toggle all white/blue Jewelry. There are a few specific tags to use in this catagory:

Magic Jewelry is hidden by default in maps.
#Flasks is a master control tag that will toggle all white/blue flasks. There are specific tags that control utility flasks, quality flasks, and life/mana flasks in maps, too.

#Gear is a master control tag that will toggle all white/blue weapons and armor. There are specific tags that can be used to show/hide various weapon and armor types, too.

For example, #Gear - Claws controls whether you see level-appropriate claws, and #Gear - DEX Armor controls whether evasion based body armor, helmets, shields, boots, and gloves will appear. If you're playing a bow/two handed/dual wielding character, and you've already turned on #Gear - DEX Armor, you can disable shields by setting #Gear - DEX Armor (Shields) to hide.

The following is a list of specific gear types that can be individually controlled:

Anything that is too far below your zone's level will be hidden by default.

#Obsolete - Exceptions for Links / Sockets should be left on, as it will show somewhat obsolete gear if it has a good number of links/sockets. The links/sockets requirement goes up as you level.

This is an almost identical system to SmartBlocks, but can be used to toggle certain colors on a script-wide basis. As with SmartBlocks, copy the entire line you wish to change (as shown in the example below, make sure to include the commented text AFTER the RGB values, too) from the index near the top of the script. Replace all instances of that line with whatever changes you wish to the RGB values.

Copy, paste, and replace!

In the example above, Normal "Junk" is selected. This line handles the slight darkening of mostly uninteresting white items (chance stuff, chisel hammers, etc) that are still shown. You could make these items brighter or darker to your taste.

A listing of current SmartColors
Currency highlighting
There are four tiers of currency brightness. Very common currency (portal scrolls, aug orbs, etc) is slightly darker...

Things like chance orbs and chromatic orbs are the normal currency color...

Rarer orbs (regals, gemcutter's prisms) are in a slightly larger font and have a brown border...

And orbs that you may never see in your lifetime (exalts, mirrors) are in the largest font, and have a bright white border.

You can add orbs to any catagory by putting their name in the appropriate block, with quotation marks and capitalization as shown (or delete their name from an existing block to give it the original color/brightness). And of course, you can adjust the colors to your liking (though I recommend keeping what GGG gave us!)

* All sections are commented/indexed for ease of editing

* The original color scheme is kept in place, so there is no learning curve. It's highly intuitive for old and new players alike.

* It grows with you as you level. Flask upgrades, 4links, and other goodies are shown in a brighter font according to your level.

* Gear that is far below your level will be hidden after you beat Brutus. The amount it hides starts off conservatively, and ramps up as you progress. In maps, almost all white/blue items are hidden (unless they are a good base, or are otherwise valuable due to sockets/links)

* Borders are used minimally, and designed to make very desirable items stand out (but won't confuse you into thinking a map has dropped.) Again, this is to keep things intuitive.

* Extremely valuable drops are highlighted in such a way as to not be missed in any environment. There is some slight darkening of very common drops. This helps to separate the wheat from the chaff.

* Full Filtration support! This script has commented blocks and sections which make editing in Filtration a breeze. There are even class-specific toggles; Playing a caster witch? Just uncheck everything but wands, daggers, and INT armor. BAM!

WrathOfCCNA was kind enough to put together a colorblind version. Thanks!!!

Some instructions for use.

Copy the script into a .txt file.

Click Save as. Select "All files" from the dropdown menu.

Name the file whatever.filter (.filter must be in all lowercase!

Save in C:/users/documents/my games/path of exile (this may vary. it's the folder POE creates in your "my documents" folder, same place you would go to alter your texture quality)

When this is done, the option to use the filter will show up in your UI settings, at the bottom. Select the filter you want to use, then hit "reload filters"

Good to go!

Currency highlighting

An example of just how much junk it can hide!

Example of dynamic 5/6-link highlighting

High-quality, high-level rares and jewelry are highlighted for chaos/regal recipe

Quality gems and rare gems (such as Empower) are highlighted, too

RGB items are slightly brighter to draw attention without being distracting.
(Hidden items shown for contrast)

Hidden item dimming. This will reduce the opacity of items that are shown when you press the highlight key.

If you'd like to tinker with it, paste everything into this, and have at it.

All sections are labeled with comments and tags for ease of editing. For more information about customizing this script to your liking, please see the Customization Tutorials in the spoilers above the images.

Classy Item Filter!


Increased brightness of "Normal Junk" from 180 to 190 (vanilla POE uses 200). An almost imperceptible change (unless your monitor/eyes are fantastic), however the color of uninteresting white items was just a touch too close to regular currency color (fuses, etc).

Reduced the font size of uncommon currency from 39 to 37, and added chaos orbs to that catagory. They are still quite noticeable, 39 was just a bit too gaudy for something that's seen so often.

Added some new toggles for use while leveling.


Added the #Leveling Gear tag. Toggling this tag (set to show by default) will control whether you see white/blue items while leveling. This makes changing the script into a map-only filter much easier than deleting entire sections of the script.


After some feedback, added a highlight for 6-socket rare items, and moved the chaos/regal handling section below the 6-socket section. A 6-socket rare will now use the 6-socket style highlighting, even if it is worthy of the chaos recipe.

Hallowed Hybrid flasks were not being hidden by toggling the #Life/Mana Flasks in Maps tag. This has been fixed.

Updated RGB handling to use Height/Width instead of using a basetype list of small items.

Added SmartBlock tags and index entries for Quivers, Life/Mana Flasks in Maps, Active Skill Gems with 0 quality, Obsolete Gear Exceptions for Linked Sockets, Large RGB items, and Utility flasks.

White/Blue quivers are now shown by default. You can adjust this with the appropriate SmartBlock toggles.

Added SmartColor tags and index entries for zero-quality gem color, normal and magic jewelry color, and common/uncommon/rare currency color. Extended "Normal Junk" and "Magic Junk" tags to include a wider selection of blocks throughout the script, so that any changes made will give a more consistent look when ingame.

Rearranged some blocks throughout the script to ensure that SmartBlock toggling will function more consistently.

Further refinement to RGB handling in maps. Now, all RGB items will be shown by default, but will not be highlighted unless they use 4 or less inventory slots. There is a SmartBlock toggle that can completely hide larger RGB items if you so desire.

Some miscellaneous cleanup throughout the script for easier reading.

Added a new feature: SmartColors

Certain lines contained within various blocks throughout the script now have a tag that can be changed globally using find/replace all in a text editor.

Some revisions to the SmartBlock system, with emphasis on high level mapping toggles

Added a new feature: Smartblocks

Certain blocks can now be toggled to hide/show using a searchable comment in the show/hide line

Moved section 000g up to be directly underneath 000c, as both sections relate to gems.

Changed the criteria for (high droplevel) white items appearing in maps. Now, in order for it to not be hidden, the item must have max sockets (for shields and one handed weapons) or at least four sockets (all else). This cuts some of the clutter in very high IIQ maps, or in large groups.

Adjusted colors of life/mana flasks appearing in high level maps to be consistent with normal item drops.

Some more refinement to post 70 mapping behavior.

Added a subsection to RGB handling with tutorial for customization.

Reordered the RGB/6socket highlighting so that 6 socket takes priority.

Added a limited change based on Hondana's fork (thanks again!) that limits highlighting of RGB items in high level areas to smaller items only. All other RGB items will still be shown, but in the normal slightly darkened font all other non-highlighted white/blue items use.

Changed 5-socket highlighting to only affect 5-socket items in level 45 zones or less, based on feedback from multiple users

Added and changed item headers and index for easier searching within the script

Added opacity for hidden items. Decreased font size for hidden items.

Added searchable headers for easy editing.
Increased font size for rare orbs

Increased sound volume for rare drops.

Fixed an issue causing obsolete flasks to not be hidden at higher levels.
Some minor tweaking of hidden item levels.

Flask Upgrade Highlighting added
The best flask for your level will show up in a brighter font. As you level, the brightness of the font is reduced to normal levels, and eventually the flask is hidden as it becomes obsolete.

Substantial rebalancing of early level scaling filter
Items will not be hidden until beating Brutus
Item hiding is very conservative at first, ramping up as you progress
Brightened the background color of 5 links marginally, and brightened backgrounds/borders for 6 link items.
Some items were incorrectly using the bright white font reserved for normal rarity RGB items- fixed

Added new feature: Hidden Item Dimming

Added sounds

Merged both versions of the script, adjusted some brightness levels to be more consistent. Added comments to indicate start and end of scaling filter
Added exceptions to scaling filter for 4-linked items

Reverted non-hidden flask colors to original state.
Tweaked some color values based on my ingame experience with the filter.
Balanced the highlighting to stand out equally in dark AND bright environments.
5/6 link highlighting is now color dynamic, to shift with rarity.
Added scaling filter for leveling

Some changes to leveling behavior

Added instructions for use

Original release

A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

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oww my eyes O.o
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌

One thing to note about the preview, that particular pile of loot is pretty unlikely to be seen in the wild.
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

Need a chill group exiles to hang with? Join us:
Eternals should be green also, no?
Antnee wrote:

One thing to note about the preview, that particular pile of loot is pretty unlikely to be seen in the wild.

I know, im just teasing. Nice work.
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
I'm not really one for day glow colours in text or background, just borders on items worth picking up, maybe change the sound.
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Ah, good catch with the eternal orb. Fixed.

As for the background on 5/6links, if you don't like it, ctrl+f "background", then delete that line.
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

Need a chill group exiles to hang with? Join us:
Hmm, I really like this. :)
Cleaned up redundancies, moved generalizations to the bottom.
A comprehensive, easy on the eyes loot filter:

Need a chill group exiles to hang with? Join us:
I have a request good Antee, do you have any special filters for granite / jade flasks? early league melee's NEED at-least one of those but potions in general are lost to me on the ground clutter.

perhaps something as simple as a different border color
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