Antnee's Classy Item Filter for Distinguished Exiles - 3.0

Divine Vessel drops? I haven't seen any yet this league, and I also didn't see it on the filter notes
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Yes, I can confirm, that Divine Vessels with Antnees filter drop and you can see it. I use the filter and had a vessel drop last week. :)
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Yes, they are treated like common currency so no super ultra mega sound like an exalt drop. But they are definitely shown.
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
First let me say that I really like your itemfilter.
This brings me to my question.
Will this Filter be updated to the new items?
I'd really look forward to this to happen.
Many thanks
looking foward for an update too!
Which makes us 3. At least :)
Well bet there are more who would love an update but it was already dire during 3.0 so the hope was already diminishing, apparently. Still hoping that someone might pick up this awesome project. Still the best itemfilter out there.
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Hello all! Antnee having fallen silent for the time being, I thought I'd share my own personal version of this filter for anyone who'd like one a little more up to date. Please note that this is entirely unofficial and unendorsed by the original creator, if that matters to you. I'm also an amateur and don't entirely understand the smart tag/color/filtration stuff so my hack job will possibly not work with those systems. I have entertained the thought of porting this whole thing to Filterblade but I'm very lazy so don't expect that anytime soon.

Aside from making sure new mechanics appear correctly I've taken the liberty of making certain drops a little more conspicuous according to my own personal tastes. While that means the filter is slightly louder and brighter overall, I have attempted to make those alterations follow the in-game color schemes of the appropriate league or mechanic (though I will admit to cribbing several things I liked from Neversink et al, I have tried to keep the palette subdued). Following is the changelist marked by section so you can search and toggle features on and off if you don't like 'em.

(000a) Enabled sound clips for Mirror and other rare orbs
(000a) Silver Coins and Prophecies have the Prophecy color scheme
(000a) Breach Splinters and Blessings have the Breach color scheme
(000a) Bestiary Orbs and Nets have a (temporary?) Bestiary color scheme
(000b) Edited Divination Card section to include newer valuable cards
(000c) Disabled 0 quality gems
(000e) Stygian Vises have the Abyss color scheme
(000e) Elder and Shaper items have their own (temporary?) scheme
(000g) Map fragments have their own color schemes and drop sound
(000g) Divine Vessels have their own color scheme and drop sound
(000h) Jewels are more obvious
(000h) Abyss Jewels have the Abyss color scheme
(000i) Chisel hammers and chance bases are more obvious
(000i) Added top tier chance bases
(000i) Added Atlas bases

Below is a visual comparison of some changes from base Antnee's (right) to my edits (left). The basics remain unchanged, but drops I don't want to miss stand out:

I am still not perfectly happy with the schemes for Shaper, Elder, and Abyss items, so let me know if you have any bright ideas there. Bestiary support is also rudimentary and will probably be updated once I get a feel for how it looks and plays out in game.

Get the raw version here (just ctrl-A and copy paste into a new notepad):
Or the pastebin page proper here:
Thanks to Antnee for creating this thing in the first place, it has seen me through hundreds of hours of gameplay. If you've still got plans, I happily yield to your expertise. In the meantime though, I hope someone else finds this useful!
Thank you, Ixjuvin. It's a nice kudos to Antnee.
I'm happy that I can play with an updated Antnee filter. :)

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