[Item Filter] One Filter to Rule Them All 4.9.2 (Updated 2021-10-25 / EOL)

This is the only filter I use and I've been using it since forever, gj!
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I love your filter! It's the only one I use.

Can you make the trinkets standout? My first trinket drops were hidden.

UPDATE: This was fixed with 4.6.3. =D
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Rare trinkets were indeed not shown due to an oversight. Thank you very much for reporting the issue!

Version 4.6.3 resolves the issue.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
Hello, what's the reason for having "Serpentscale Boots" drop as if it was a good item? It's a pretty common item.
I've removed them from the list of T2 uniques. The change will be part of the next update (4.6.4).
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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I think there is an unpleasant bug where trinkets are not shown in grandheists.

there are multiple lines with

Class "Amulets" "Belts" "Rings" "Trinket"

but maybe it should be

Class "Amulets" "Belts" "Rings" "Trinkets"

As a fix i just add line at the beginning:

Class "Trinkets"
SetTextColor 240 240 240
SetBorderColor 240 240 240
SetFontSize 48
MinimapIcon 2 White Moon
PlayEffect White
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Anyone else having an issue since league launch where rare contracts won't show? I've been running moderate the entire time (flaskfinder so I needed all the Enduring flasks I could pick up and identify), and only see rare contracts on the off times where I hit a smugglers cache and no contracts show up, so I know something is hidden and hit alt. Refreshed the filter a couple times along the way too, still no joy.

Update: turned out it was user error (switched install from hdd to ssd, so even though I was subscribed/refreshing, it was referencing the wrong folder). Thanks again for talking me through it!
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Possible minor potential misfunction:

There are many

Class "Body Armour" "Boots" "Bows" "Claws" "Daggers" "Gloves" "Helmets" "One Hand" "Quivers" "Rune Daggers" "Sceptre" "Shields" "Staves" "Two Hand" "Wands" "Warstaves"


They contain "dagger" twice.

Class "Daggers" "Rune Daggers"

I guess the "Rune Daggers" never match. As "Daggers" already (prematurely) have matched.

(You can find them with the '"dagger.*dagger' regular expression.)

Perhaps the "Rune Daggers" in most lines can be deleted, as being redundant (effectless). ("Daggers" is similar to "One hand".)

I am not sure that is not the case with "Staves".."Warstaves" too.

The "Class", as I know, always is a substring match (unlike '=='). (And case-insensitive - but test it.)

AN IDEA!: Try to use
Class ==

I can see many
BaseType == "Abandoned Wealth" ...
lines, so probably '==' works for Class too (I am too lazy to check :(). (If not, then ask GGG for it. It Should work.)

Are we going to get a ritual version?
Yes, just finished work and am now updating the filter. Will be available shortly before the league starts.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059

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