Path of Exile: The Awakening (News Coverage)

Hope all game supporters and streamers will get their access to beta because most of them are veteran players i'd say and they will make perfect use of beta acc. Or we will see funny zergrage everywhere in 1 week ? :)
Force has posted a vid including coverage of PoE Awakening:

Force is how I found PoE, back in the day. =^[.]^=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
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Announcement of patch: OMG CANT WAIT (despite of announced changes)

Implementation of patch: OMG YOU KILLED MY SPEC (despite of said spec being OP/only modified in slight manner)

Playing the said patch: Life goes on...

Rinse and repeat. Though interested to see if the overly nerfed skills are redeemed. (I'm looking at you spark.)
Cant wait!! If I get in the beta Im gonna need to book more time off work :)

I saw in one of the videos a cool looking armor with thorns on a marauder. I looked in the shop but didn't see it there.

Does anyone know if it's available?
Fingers crossed for beta.
XvXReaperXvX wrote:
Wow... The games going to a whole new level of customisation.

Enough to bring you back to playing?
What can I say? New monsters to summon and boss around! Golems! WHEEEEEEE!
To all the people who wanted totems (i think thats what they are called) that diablo 2 had people carrying in their inventory for extra buffs....

Isn't this much better? Then dragging stuff around in your inventory for buffs? I'm so glad POE took their time with this aspect of ARPGs and added these sockettable jewelers that fit INTO THE SKILL TREE.

I'm very impressed by this idea, it never even occured to me just how cool that would be until it was implemented in the gamespot video.

Just wow, and those radiuses? Who ever thought that up in one of your meetings... buy him a cake.
IGN: Narbays
The crap that sat in inventory to give bonuses were called charms.
Nuance in language is lost on GGG's forum mods.

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with
sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
-Galileo Galilei
you can throw in all the content you want, the dealbreaking problems will go untouched again

1. NO AUCTION HOUSE (and therefore no meaningful playing the market)
2. UNFAIR DEATHS (while not in control of the character, while logging out, while THE GAME ISN'T EVEN RUNNING - I deleted the game right there)

I will likely only play act 4 for some time and drop the game again. the potential of the game will forever be wasted by stubbornness and bad decisions.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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