Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

NA washington dc
SC betrayal
semi hardcore
couples 90s
discord prefered

account name: NastypeonYT
Hi there,

I am looking for a guild.

495 hours on PoE. Most of it from the early days of the game.

I only play necromancer and most of the time hardcore.

I am 39 years old and fluent in English.

It would be nice to play with a guild.

Thank you.

IGN: ConnTheDestroyer
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Living in your moms basement? Quit school at 15, or got layed off.Can you survive solely on hotpockets and monster drinks? Ruined Noobs is looking for you. Bring your inner nerd, but please keep your drama on secondlife.

Just kidding! Welcome to trashtalk, having fun and explore the game!

Message in game to Teijatuho


Any laid-back guild willing to mentor a newbie? :)
From PH, just started a few days back and
enjoying PoE so far
Looking for guild, mature and social people.
1. playing poe been 1.5 year
2. am archer now ice build.
3. i dont use discord so much.
4. am always active but some times not because of exams i study law, so dont invite if you gonna kick.
5. EU
6. i like to chat and have fun.
7. i like to help people.
8. iam half nerd xD
9. i like to play poe while listening music and have fun.
10. i can ask and answer questions .
11. my age 25+
12.i have many skins in this game they look good.
13. am good at trading and having unique drops.
14. maybe i can open youtube build channel i dunno.
15. 600+ hours of poe lol xD
16. i do pvp some
thats it, no more no less.

BTW i am dragon ball fun! :P
Game nick: x_OverNineThousand_x / Archer
Reg: EU
prefer international guild members in EU.
Leage: Betrayal ( normal) / soft . NOT HC.

is this happening anymore?channel doesn't seem to work?
Looking for some players new or veteran to join our little group of friends!

US based - IGN : KimchiBrand

We have no requirements.
Discord is available.

Just wanna have some people to play with and talk to when we're on! All are adults with families, jobs, etc.

Let me know if you're interested!
Hi, I have been playing this game since 2016 and I live in the UK.
I pick up and drop the game as I go because I have never found people to play with, tbh, i didn't even think of joining a guild until my friend recommended it 5 mins ago xD. I'm down to join any guild as long as there are people to play with lol. my previous inconsistencies where due to being a solo player and that gets pretty boring in my opinion.

I have roughly 300 hours on the game yet it seems to me that I still know very little about the game. I would like to know more but have never had anyone show me anything, if youre down to invite me to the guild that would be great. (I don't mind using discord, don't rlly have a preference.)

IGN: HisArrivalIsImminent
Discord: turbo6000#4802
Looking for a guild focused on softcore League play. I am a 23 year old guy from Denmark, so EU would be my deal.

I am kinda a D3 refugee, after having played several seasons there and played close up to 1000 hours in it, throughout its timespan.

I've come -back- to PoE this league, cause I heard so much about the game and started a new character again. I had before played by myself, kinda oblivious of mechanics, guides and trading. Just enjoying the game itself on my first character and seeing how it was, until I got bored.

I've since returned with my now highest level character by a mile (currently 85) in the new league and educated myself on many of the games main aspects and mechanics.

I am looking for a guild that is trying to push for endgame like myself, or already have and generally wanting a guild that's active with its members. Doesn't have to always play, but chatting together is a big deal for me in part of such a community.

Do hit me up on my current main character DiviUP in the game to talk further.

Best Regards.
i am also looking for a beginner guild. new to game, just trying to figure out the game personally, skills, gems, currency.

1. i speak english
2. i work full time so i play randomly.
3. just looking for helpful cool ppl who play casually.
4. ign diseasedmeat.

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