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I am a returning player looking for a relaxed place to hang out and have some fun. Global channel ingame is dead and it looks like very few guilds are actively recruiting. I am an older player that enjoys playing at a more relaxed pace. If any guilds feel I may fit into their group please send an invite.

Hi everyone,

I am new in PoE and I am looking for casual guild to enjoy game and have some fun,

IGN: Vaniy

Many thanks.

Just have my first decent character, truly experience mapping recently, hope to level and learn more about the game.

Please let me join any friendly and experienced guild.
Anyone looking for a guild I run a small active group looking for some newer players we decided for 3.0 we will not be playing in the league so if your playing standard join up! Send me a msg here on the forums with your name
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Hi everybody,

We are a Latin Guild and we play at BRazil servers.

Do you wanna join us?

- Discord:
PM to "@Gatinha "
Hi All,

Been back 2-3 weeks from a very long POE break.

I'm looking for an Aussie Gateway guilds.
If anyone currently recruiting please send me a message.



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I would like to join this guild

IGN: vseaux
New player, looking for a guild to teach and get me on the right track. Going to be taking the game seriously and dedicating most of my free time into it. Would really appreciate some guidance and will put all my effort into the guild in return.

NA guild pref. Discord for voice.
returning poe player looking for a HC guild ive been playing since tempest league and pretty experienced

ign : SirPoopsAlot69

P.S.: preferably EU
IGN: Tim AlIen
Current League: HC Harbinger
Timezone: US EST
Primary League: HC
Account age: playing since 2013

Been a long time player of PoE, primarily just looking to be able to occasionaly boss/farm with people and endgame maps and experiment with builds.My activity is varied due to work and finishing up college/ transitioning to a new job. Able to use discord, although usually when farming I listen to music and focus on the grind.

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