1.3.0e Patch Notes

yay bigger sarn arena!
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Where's the strongbox explosion fix? This thing is annoying.
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TehHammer wrote:
Where's the strongbox explosion fix? This thing is annoying.

Edit as i wrote the same shit just a bit later.... +1
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
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wow sick sarn arena fun hype
(yes messy text time to bed)
Morgoth2356 wrote:
Is this a fix relative to the client crash that many people are experiencing since 1.3 ? I saw a post about that on Reddit, and I'm crashing like once or twice a day since last patch, when it never happened to me before.

I hope so, too. I had never crashed in 1500+ hours, but since 1.3b, I have a crash to desktop once a day, which is really scary when playing Bloodlines.
no bug fixe for bugged strong boxes?
Woo great work. I hope this fixes the crashes I've been experiencing.

Though this really isn't the place, the spawn rate of ghosts seem like what they would be if they were imported into the core game.
Sry to ask on a stupid question, but how can I enter a sarn arena using pvp-only character? I couldn't finished a Leo daily quest because I cannot enter a sarn arena with my pvp-only character. I've already pressed B and find some clue but on that menu it has only 1v1/3v3 and CTF. So, I have no idea how to enter the arena because pvp-only character doesn't have any waypoint to let me go through sarn arena via a sarn encampment waypoint :/
Aw yeah, snow confirmed; now all we need is a mountain ;)
My wallet is going to feel the burn...

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