1.3.0e Patch Notes

Version 1.3.0e
  • Added two new Microtransactions: Arctic Portal Effect and Snow Hideout Decoration. The Snow Decoration is an exclusive Christmas microtransaction and is only available until December 26th. The Arctic Portal Effect will be for sale indefinitely.
  • Fixed a bug with Shield Charge where it could repeat the end animation several times per skill use.
  • The description for Cyclone has been adjusted to more accurately match the mechanical adjustments made to the skill in the 1.3.0 patch.
  • The Sarn Arena now has a higher maximum player limit. It has been increased from 12 to 32. The number of respawn points has also been increased.
  • Fixed an instance crash and a client crash.

We'll be deploying this patch within a few hours! Saturday patches are the most fun.
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