1.3.0e Patch Notes

The Sarn Arena now has a higher maximum player limit. It has been increased from 12 to 32. The number of respawn points has also been increased.

Who though it would be a great idea? Getting insta killed in the arena FFA event because you're spawning in a middle of a fight and you have no buffs up is a great change right?
Totally agree the re-spawn killing sucked as is in the previous patches, now they just made it worse, might as well call it no skill Spawnkill arena! First you nerf the lowlife builds to shit and now you nerf em even more by giving us no chance to put on any aura's! leave our auras on by default, so fucken annoying having to turn on 4+ auras every 5 fucken seconds

ontop of all that, when there is too many people in the arena spamming all their shit the game is choppy as hell and dysnc kicking in full effect!
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This new spawn method is terrible, way more frustrating than before. Why can't we get something like a 15 second buff giving you immortality and reducing your damage to 0. That would give people enought time to cast their aura and move out the trap/poison cloud/srs or whatever people spawn at the gates.
There must be an imune periode while you can buff, just end by moving or casting non self spells.
Can someone enlighten me on what is wrong with ghosts? I find them completely fine and working as intended. Spawn rate issues? Not at all. I'm at 17/21 with the challenge.
Chris wrote:
Version 1.3.0e
  • The description for Cyclone has been adjusted to more accurately match the mechanical adjustments made to the skill in the 1.3.0 patch.

It seems you forgot to put the 2% IAS per gem level back. The initial hit certainly does not compensate the IAS loss on any non-extremely-short spin. Be it for damage or on-hit effects.

The 20%less attack speed / +25%base damage change was already a nerf to on-hit effects (and a boost to status effects, granted), but at least the damage was kept.
I just crashed five times trying to go into the library after downloading the patch D:

here goes the sixth try
(...)leave our auras on by default, so fucken annoying having to turn on 4+ auras every 5 fucken seconds

This. Please. +1

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