1.3.0e Patch Notes

Nice work!
Vaphobos wrote:
no fix for the AI of ghosts :(

it seems GGG thinks Torment is fine .... i dont but i have more of a beef with the spawn rate than AI. I could live with 1 or 2 beeing bad if they werent as rare.
Wanna see the snow!!

Guess I have to buy points once again :/
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When will the guild stash tab bug, that won't let you add or remove items be fixed?
Chris wrote:
Version 1.3.0e
  • Fixed an instance crash and a client crash.

Is this a fix relative to the client crash that many people are experiencing since 1.3 ? I saw a post about that on Reddit, and I'm crashing like once or twice a day since last patch, when it never happened to me before.
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Any chance my PVP chars will be able to get out of their hideout so they can participate in the sarn arena?

EDIT: Nevermind, I don't have a chance anyways. Deleting the PVP toon.

Everyone else has had a week of practice. My toon has been stuck in the fucking hideout.. YAY.

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We hope the 1.3.0f patch will fix the guild stash tabs bug.
Hey Chris, looks good but maybe take a look at increasing the spawn rate/number of ghosts in the torment league. Its taking me forever to find just one sometimes LOL!

If anyone agrees with this please forward this as well, keep up the good work GGG!
And still nothing to make sacrifice fragment farm less stupid or AI improvement for spirits :(
I officially have more albino feathers than self found midnights fragments...

edit : oh and please, fix the exploding strongboxes that sometimes take around 1 minute befor then release the loot ;)

Thanks for the work !
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You all need to take some time off.

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