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New Unique Maligaro's Restraint - Revealed

Hey Guys,
we got about 5-6 hours before patch hits, so figured id reveal my Unique which will be available

Edit: Bit of backstory, the item was originally designed back when shocks still stacked. Before the shock change, its last tested values had "40% increased damage dealt per Shock on you" instead of "60% increased damage while shocked".

Edit 2: Compilation of Q&A

Bendyboy wrote:
Pyrokar wrote:
I like the art.

It also has a Graphical effect when you wear it, something akin to a plasma globe

F.Y.I: The guy in the image pm'ed me and told me that using skin trasfer DOES NOT transfer the plasma globe effect.
VictorDoom wrote:
kompaniet wrote:

Is the shock status on monsters removed when reflected back?
Also there is a difference between MORE and INCREASED. It's not 10%

the shock is not removed from monsters, the reflected mod doesnt work that way, the mobs will still be shocked, same with the unqiue shield, atziris mirror(reflect curses, you still are cursed but so are the monsters).

GodlyMe wrote:
VictorDoom wrote:
did everyone forget about fairgraves tricone all of the sudden!?
you know, it has that mod "Cannot be Shocked"....

If you can't be shocked you can't have %xtra damage.

Edit 3: My list of "WTF is this effect" threads, because its fun when i see them and most of the time know its going to be the belt.


Edit 4- The Editening: One bears quest to build around the belt.
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HAHA! I got it right on my belt guess

now to actually read the unique...

Interesting, definitely interesting... Risky. Well the 60% increased damage makes me think it could be fake but you get 50% increased damage taken when shocked... so, hmm.

Question: the reflect works the same was as atziri's mirror right? the target is still shocked.
I think its risky + potentially broken, might be crazy enough to use it end of bloodlines.

I like the movement speed touch

Its powerlevel is what made me think it could be fake, but on the other hand it has quite a big downside..
Still think there's an hidden broken use for this somewhere..
Maybe I'm silly but I'll call future legacy here

2ND EDIT: oh right, its not "MORE" damage. Still a big plus; high gain, high risk.

3RD EDIT: How could I forget, Thanks for the early reveal!

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released

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Decent belt, and I just want to say this....stay shocky my friend. :P

Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

Shackles of the Wretched synergy maybe?

Edit: nvm, that would negate the 60% damage bonus
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not bad ranged belt.

I guess 3 dragons with this= op totem builds

60% increased damage is not specified to be for you only...60% increased fire totem dam hum hum op op
QA Team supporter.
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Deal 60% increased damage while taking 50% more?
Sa_Re wrote:
Deal 60% increased damage while taking 50% more?

Thats the jist of it yeah, i was aiming for an item focused around living on the edge
I see no diamond supporter.

I call fake.
What is a little odd is since the shock is reflected back onto you, you won't get the bonus from having the enemy shocked.. So a normal shocked enemy would already give you 50% damage.

So really this belt is only giving 10% damage for 50% increased taken. Interesting belt tho.
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