1.3.0 Patch Notes

Chris wrote:

  • The elemental penetration on Heart of Flame, Heart of Thunder and Heart of Ice has been reduced.

There is still one more thing I am curious about. In the new tree, I saw that they were at 3% penetration. Does that mean they are back to 2%?
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- raics, 06.08.2016

Thank god, these patch notes look awesome!

Here's to a challenging game again guys!!
Shodokan123 wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
Wijis wrote:
Isnt this a huge nerf on totems with the defensive auras restriction?

It literally changed from "No auras can ever apply to totems" to "defensive auras, and degen aura effects (ground fire, etc) can apply to totems".

Having the ability for the defensive auras to apply tot totems seems to me like it more than counteracts them dying to ground fire sometimes. Certainly it's not "a huge nerf"

And it means poison arrow/fire trap/RF characters aren't completely unable to kill monster totems with their main skill for silly reasons.

The one thing this does not touch on is hatered with SWT. Since SWT is technically a totem, the only reason i can see it still working is that it reads "spell" in the gem description.
Summoned Totems - even the ones with the support built-in like SWT - work by using your skills, not their own. The totem summoned by shockwave totem, just like a spell totem from the support gem, has never been able to be affected by the Hatred aura, because the skill it's using comes from you, and uses your stats, not it's own. This is all still true, and will not change - it's fundamental to how totems work.

The shockwave skill comes from you, so will get the extra cold damage if YOU are in the aura's effect, not the totem. Putting the totem in that auras effect can't do anything, because the skill the totem is using is on you, from your gem, not on the totem.

None of that mechanic has changed, and those kinds of auras fundamentally can never apply to summoned totems because they apply to skills, and the totems have no skills of their own. They'll continue to affect those skills whole the aura is affecting the player with the skill as they always have.

The change is that defensive auras, which - in contrast - don't apply to skills, can now apply to totems when they could not before, and the same with aura-style degen effects.
focus on stupid pvp

nerf everything into the ground

hopefully the stash searching isn't lame

Was super pumped to play this new league, but not so much anymore.
so can I still one shot everything and take zero damage?
if not I cry like baby
I don't understand why everyone is complaining about the nerfs so much. Block + acrobatics was so OP in the current state everything in the game was just a joke. Also there was literally no reason to use any chest besides lightning coil, cloak of defiance, kaoms or shavs on any build. Its good that the 2 lower level/rarity tier items got nerfed as well as block. I no longer feel the need to make every build use lightning coil + crest of perandus + atziris step + stone of lazwhar + with saffells swap.

Fun new notables could make some things interesting, but some of them feel like to much a no brainer for the builds that would take them anyways that maybe they need some slight adjustment.

Scion start needed a buff.

Templar buff is awesome, he was totally pointless after shadow rework and hes now definitely very strong. That being said burn prolif needed a nerf and now needs one even more...

I hope PvP is really good, because for PvE all we got was balance, and none of the balance that needed to take place on the buff side of the spectrum so none of it was fun. Just necessary.
Glacial Hammer's PvP damage has been increased from -30% to -20%.


Most broken skill in cutthroat gets a buff?

Also why can't we get the location target feature of cyclone on more skills, such as rain of arrows, flameblast, leap slam etc..?
Great work with the patch!, more challenge! I love it.
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We are not playing games but being played by GGG.
Everyone chill out. They always nerf stuff. It keeps things from being boring and cookie cutter.
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