1.3.0 Patch Notes

Wijis wrote:
Isnt this a huge nerf on totems with the defensive auras restriction?

It literally changed from "No auras can ever apply to totems" to "defensive auras, and degen aura effects (ground fire, etc) can apply to totems".

Having the ability for the defensive auras to apply tot totems seems to me like it more than counteracts them dying to ground fire sometimes. Certainly it's not "a huge nerf"

And it means poison arrow/fire trap/RF characters aren't completely unable to kill monster totems with their main skill for silly reasons.

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So BoR is getting another legacy......lol. BoR went all Rainbow.

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Chris wrote:

Item Balance:
Shields have had their base block chances rebalanced. Most of the higher base block chances on Shields have been reduced. Other reductions were also performed on Uniques items and the Passive Skill Tree. This change was made because reaching the maximum block chance of 75% had become much easier than we intended. It was far too efficient a defence at higher levels. Players will still be able to reach high block chance values, but this will now require much greater investment.

Really, not only are the shield nodes in the tree nerfed to the ground, you actually nerf the shields as well?
You realize that there's only a total 37% block chance with shields in the tree now(not counting the sword node), right?
And no functioning build, even one with no damage, could take them all. And even if you do take all the nodes, you'd need a shield with extra block chance and Bringer of Rain, The Anvil or Rumi's Concoction to reach max block.
I rarely critize GGG(can't actually think of a time I have atm) but this seems pretty poorly done. If you didn't want the players to be able to reach 75% just lower the threshold, this just feels stupid.
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Wijis wrote:
Isnt this a huge nerf on totems with the defensive auras restriction?

Totems used to not benefit from auras at all. This is a pretty nice buff.
Ojavierpbm wrote:
GGG please explain why have you nerfed melee since 1.1. Life leech killed, armour dosent work, max res nodes removed from tree, Desync is still the same, Block killed, all melee gems scale of weapons and not of gem leveling, acro killed. To top it off if you dont go crit you cant dps WTF.

The reason is GGG want to remove every melee build :(
1.2 buffed monster will wrek 1.3 heavy nerfed melee
do you want to get buff? Play fireproli build! They are always best in the game.
I agree that all the nerfs should be done but this is taking too much.
Game become hard and i personally like that,tho.
I just want to remind everyone that rearguard has not been nerfed
So many QQ's in this thread, go repent...
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I think the nerf to shields, uniques was way too much.

The passive tree nerf was quite enough hard. I did the calculation of my build going from 75/75 to 43/50. If the idea was to not make it easy to get 75% i understood with that.
But lowering shields base block chance even more, is crazy and i think it wasnt well thought.

Now what's gonna be a normal block chance 30/30? its stupid...

Also no nerf to shavrons? u could boost other armor uniques, nerf to cloak, lighting coil, is useless when you dont touch shavs...
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way to ruin a game and decrease everything worth play good job! GgG
so much HYPE.

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