1.3.0 Patch Notes

You went overboard with the block chance reduction.

With uniques and everything I had 75% with low damage return and now I barely get to 57% with almost no Elemental Damage boost to return damage, thank you very much, another character to throw to the garbage.

And good for those that will say they had no problem with their characters, you are among the few it seems...
Desync fixed?
Is it just me, or did 1.3 effectively remove shadows from the game altogether as a class??
I mean I did the respec, but there was nowhere to go really, except evasion, which has long been dead as a defense in the game.
NO life nodes anywhere near the shadow tree, nor regen nodes, so as a shadow you are kind of forced to be low life, and rely on not getting hit.
Also nearly zero armor nodes anywhere in the shadow tree, so that's out.
The ONLY real defense allowed for a shadow is evasion, which as I said, is practically useless because of the extreme damage increases in the monster damage done, so when you finally do get hit, you are dead.
So, I have heard that an evade build has benefits, like acrobatics, but 1.3 killed those as well by putting unnecessary drawbacks to taking them as nodes.
Now you can't even build up a block defense, because now block is legacy, so WHAT IS LEFT??
Is this just a step in the direction of turning this into a PVP only game, or is PVE going to remain a part of the game??
I am confused, and not amused by the so called "additions" to the game, which are LAUGHABLY based on blocking to set them off, but blocking is no longer allowed in the game!!

I've deinstalled PoE after Forsaken Masters was released. Did I something miss? Did they solve at least the desync malfunction?
why wasn't the nerf to like, 70-73+ Map drops noted in the patch notes?

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