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When I have multiple tabs open in live search, I no longer get the red "+1" when one of my tabs finds something. I get the sound and the search works fine, but I no longer get the red icon next to the tab to indicate which tab has got updated. Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm running poe on one screen and have poe.trade on another, as I always have. Was never a problem before but now I don't get tab icons anymore. I got browser notification ticked on. Using Chrome if that makes any difference.
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Turiko wrote:
Seems the bot hasn't been replying for a month to PM's now. This leaves anyone not currently actively trading unable to get their online status set...

Try sending a new message, I've just implemented a workaround for this problem.
I noticed "Shaped Waterways" were not listed on the currency page...
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Searches for anything containing the following mod turns up a non-filtered search result every time.

"increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield while affected by Malevolence"

For example:

http://poe.trade/search/momominosihumo - no other paramaters
Re: above...

Apparently other mods are impacted by this issue, it can also be reproduced by searching for:

"faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline"
I am no longer getting the red icon when a live search alert happens. I get the sound and (1), but I only get the red icon if more than 1 item pops.
Hi, is it possible to add the chance to change notification sound for live search? IT would be great to have multiple live search and with sound i can know what type of item is it.
Hey guys, can some1 explain to me why some ppl have the "api" prefix in currency trades on poe.trade and others are not and how to get "it" (the api)
example http://prntscr.com/pk84wk
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Timeless splinters somehow bugged? I don't see myself selling it, even if i selling it.

Edit: Seems it needs to be for some reason in fragments tab to be working.
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Hi dear. Can i see stacked deck on currency ?

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