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JaymerJaymer wrote:
he doesn't need patreon - he getting shitloads off serving ads to us - plus he gets 1st dibs on items he really wants.
don't worry about him

I wouldn't be so harsh, cos most people using adblockers anyway and him barely plays, maybe std sometimes, but not leagues, so i dont think him doing that.
Belts don't show their Armour in the Number fields so can't be sorted or search on this which is a pain.

Also would be great if you could exclude items based on their age, eg exclude everything that has been listed for more than x months; this would allow using "not online" without including all the items that really are no longer effectively for sale as the seller doesn't actually play anymore.
Hi Sorry I can't seem to be able to post a trade of my unique helm Skullhead? In "manage ur shop" it's not in the drop down list? And in item trades I don't have the "manage ur shop"
I have my items posted in a premium tab. However, when someone whispers me, it doesn't show the location of the item. Any fix?

Edit: I think it was cause I had them posted via procurement instead of the premium tab.
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My Poe.trade premade search tabs got resseted after some time ? (while i dont use them ) i back after few months and i see they are ressetted and need set searchies again .

Do u know any fix for this ? what i need to do for avoid this in future is there timmer where www tab is resetted after not being used or so ?
The search URLs expire if they aren't visited for over 30 days. I suggest that you visit them every couple of weeks if you don't want them to expire.
Why Acquisition (AGAIN) doesn't work at the start of the league? (same sh1t happen at the start of 'legion' league)

I put my topic ID, I checked 'Automatically refresh online status'. I put auto refresh interval. I even tried to manually refresh tabs by clicking on 'refresh checked tabs'. And... nothing happens. After refresh, Acquisition shows empty tabs, while at the same time there are items in those tabs. I also switched location with my char. Even logged out.
Also, I logged in with new session ID. And still nothing.

So, why the fck Acquisition AGAIN doesn't work? Again giving advantage to other players with premium tabs?

Can I get an answer, please? Why it doesn't work?


Here is the error from the Acquisition log:


it sais:

6 got 'error' instead of stash tab contents: {"code":4, "message":"Internal error"}
5 got 'error' instead of stash tab contents: {"code":4, "message":"Internal error"}

5 & 6 are the tabs I've 'checked' for refreshing.

I haven't done anything different than what I did with other leagues. So, something is wrong here.
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^ made another post, so I edited and added my 'edit' into previous post.
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I really would like that Tab Names from poe.trade show the item name instead of "Search results".

It just gets messy very quick
im not getting control.poe.trade url after sent PM to poexyzis

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