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For me it still doesn't work neither. I first noticed it around two days ago.
Yep, live search is broken again, returns nothing at all

I'm having the same problem I can not see the live searches since this morning 19/07
Getting internal server error when trying to search for currency offers.
NetworkRanger wrote:
Getting internal server error when trying to search for currency offers.

Same Issue here. Makes it hard to get Emblems..
~ Allways down to help and answer questions ~
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FollowTheLyte - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4Hp7n7QfqvFYfofD4Dafw
The Currency market search is still not working for me today. I haven't been able to run any search for Currency regardless of parameters as it comes back with Internal Server Error.
what's wrong with poe.trade this whole league?
new to the game here and just wanted to shout out at the creator of poe.trade.

This thing is freaking amazing. I can't believe it exists.

Is there a patreon or something?
Can we have a feature to limit the number of search results returned. For example i want only the 10 cheapest search results returned. So in the results field i would enter a 10. This would make looking up 40+ uniques much easier since the search criteria portion would be more responsive on a already filled results list.

Could "Chaos Resistance" show up as Purple or Green, similar to Cold/Fire/Lightning resistance coloring?

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