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It would be nice if you can filter out things...

like searching for unshaped t15 maps... right now you get alot of shaped,
it doesnt matter if you select "Shaped - No".

If you could add "-" attribute to the search you could just write "-shaped" and get all results without those with the word shaped in it.

This would be pretty helpfull in many ways... searching for other items aswell
Links are always changing ffs

How does your crap work? What kind of links change less frequently?
Can someone tell me why my Name on PoEtrade is still in White even if I have a level 100 character since quite some time?
Can you make a feature that lets you search for open affixes.
If I want to craft something It would be nice to know the slot is open to do so.
Currently I need to look at every item to see how many prefixes or suffixes it has.

This could be as simple as (has open prefix/has open suffix) or In depth (can craft x).

Thanks for making trading a little less painful.

Not sure where to post this, since it is more of a bug report.

I'm having huge problems when searching for items on poe.trade. Loading the main page is fine, but when I'm searching or loading into currency market my GPU and CPU spike and the whole PC freezes (incl. sound) for 1-2 sec. This goes so far, that sometimes the whole window crashes and is just rendered black after that, sound continues normally after glitching out. I tried turning off hardware-acceleration: GPU doesn't spike anymore, CPU does. Switched the browser, still the same. It goes so far, that the poe-trade-makro has the same issues to the point that the whole game crashes sometimes and other times just freezes for a few seconds. Once even had a bluescreen.
I'm using a GTX 970 and i5-4460, drivers are up to date. I don't have these issues on any other website.

I'm completely out of ideas what to try or to do. Thank you for any suggestions
Currently, copying item text from POE.trade has S1/P3 or crafted at the end of lines, and doesn't include the item name/type for easy pasting into other utilities.

Request: Put a link on each item in the results list which will put on my clipboard the item text in the same format I'd get if I ctrl-c'd it in game.

This will let me quickly check items in POB without having to manually enter or edit their text.
we realy need an Ignore list a lot of people just Lock price with puting item they dont whant to sell at the price they whant to buy it .And when u search in unpriced Item some people take the half of the alone page we have but dont whant to sell anything just have put it on public stash ( like prophecies )an ignore list gonna make it realy better
After some trading for unid rare maps challenge:

It would be a nice addition to have "Unidentified Rare" explicitly written in the whisper message when trading for Unidentified Rare items.

Currently the message is the same for both normal and unid rare items, which can confuse both sellers and buyers
For live searching poe.trade is considerably slower than pathofexile.com/trade right now. Any reason for that or plans to update it?
POB link has been busted for at least a week or so. Known?

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