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I would really like to turn my adblocker off on poe trade to help support it. I experimented with doing so and was met with autoplaying ads with audio. :-/

Just putting it out there that these kind of ads are just dealbreakers for some % of the population.
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why one hand mace and scepter ar eseparated?
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I can't search poe.trade for Saqawal items with -# avian's might/flight duration

Could we get a text input in the Live search that would correspond to the tab name? I will often run several searches at once and it would be nice to be able to know, without memorizing tab order, which alert just went off.

Here's a mock-up of how I would imagine the text input be displayed;

I apologize if this suggestion isn't in a preferred format

Can you add more map filters like Map Packsize, Map item quantity, Map item rarity and Shaped Map (yes/no). Also some map mods are missing (Players have % less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield)
Found body armor with a stat I can't search for.

"0.6% of Energy Shield Regenerated Per Second"
There is a bug with items and white Gem Sockets. I have a piece that I listed online that had 3 hite sockets, 2 blues and 1 green. If I search for 5B 1L linked on poe search that chest piece doesn't come up, even though it works with those colors. You should fix the site so that white socketed items appear for any valid combination. Otherwise people listing items with white sockets are at a disadvantage and people searching for items would also want to see white socketed items that would work for the colors they are searching for. In this case if I search for 3R 2B 1G a chest piece with 3W 2B and 1G should show up in my results because it matches what I would need.
There is a trivial bug with serching Maps. I tried to find some Maps with "Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield" and "Players have X% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield" ,but I couldn't find those mods in mod select colomn in Poe goods.
I found "Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration" mod instead,but it does not work properly.
I think this mod is one of the old version of map mods.
This accs are price-fixers:
Can you pls remove them from search results?
Support SGT leagues:
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