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Feature request:

Add a filter for players tagged AFK. I realize this won't get them all, but it will help (and is of course optional for the searcher).
Stock info doesn't work at currency.poe.trade with breachstones in fragments tab, only splinters work.

Edit: Guardian's fragments doesn't show stock either.
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I guess it's a bug... useful site anyway GJ
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Is there a Problem with live search atm?
Live search is not working woth Firefox atm.

Chrome and IE is working fine.

FF just says:
Disconnected, trying to reconnect...

Can any1 help me?
Would be great
Would be cool, if there would be an option to swap out sockets for possible white sockets, so I dont have to re-filter everything just to look if there is a cheaper item on the market. E.g: 2B 2R 2G equals 2B 2R 1G 1W or 1B 1R 2G 2W and so on...

Then I have one thing that already exists, but somehow isnt good enough for me or I am just to stupid to use it. I wanted to get all results of items that provide me at least 2 resistances above 33 %. The Thing is I always had to swap out cold with fire, fire with lightning ... selfexplains I guess. The minumum requirementfilter (also named COUNT) would be an option, but once u add a fourth stat it's also adding 3 resistances which I dont want. Not sure how it works if add another modgroup, maybe that's the solution. Would be cool if someone could shortly explain, if he knows.

Also I would like a filter, where u can just type a word in it and it searches the whole description of all items for that word. So I can let it filter to show me only Jewels for daggers as example.

And as last thing I would like the filter DOESN'T HAVE, where u can get out mods (or words) u don't want.

Thanks for reading
There's a suffix that doesn't show up on search, the #% energy shield regenerated per second.
There is an elder mod listed "#% increased elemental damage per 12 intelligence" which returns like every item listed in trade. AFAIK there is no such mod in the game?
I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk.
Hi, i cant find watcher's eye with # reduced Reflected Fire Damage taken while affected by Purity of Fire. I guess it's a bug, it's also didnt find a reduced Reflected Cold/Lightning Damage jewels

Or what i do wrong while search?

Love the product, but would love to chat with it's creators if you have a few minutes regarding practical optimization and user experience. Please feel free to message me

Despair mana reduction is not available in the search options but it clearly exists, everything else seems to be.

I don't know if it's possible but maybe add a way to force search for a word even when it doesn't match one of the pre-made options for unique modifiers?

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