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i need some help plz

im getting whispered all the time from poe.trade for items which i don´t possess.

for example " i want to buy your "karui Ward" in Harbinger "
but i never found a "karui Ward" in Harbinger !
this happens with a lot of items i dont have
is this a bug ?
Hi - thanks for the site. Any chance you could add the jewel craft "#% increased poison duration/#%chance to poison on hit"?

Hi. I love your search tools, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to ever get a search result for "Stacked Deck" divination card. Its the only item i've had trouble getting a hit on. Any suggestions?
Bug report: Tagging chaos orbs with the "exalted-shard" note doesn't list them in currency.poe.trade. All of the trade ratios listed at the moment are using the poe.trade website, not premium stash tabs. I tagged chaos with "~b/o <x> exalted-shard" for 2 days now, and they still haven't appeared on the website.
some thing needs to be done about the afk'ers and the bots or watever they are, coz theres like 10 legit sellers who reply, to the 100's of nonlegit ppl who arnt replying or selling, clogging the trade with junk trades that arnt real.... need a rating system or some thing to show legit venders
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I'm aware of the bug with exalted-shard buyouts on currency site, and others. I will try to fix it until the end of this week.
Hi xyz!

Can I ask that you add a "Grants level # Doryani's Touch skill" mod?

We can't find an up to date https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doryani%27s_Fist without it on standard.

Thanks again for your tool!

I still can't price anything in exalted shards, even though others appear to be able to so.

I am utilizing the given 'exalted-shard' tag, but it always gets read as exalted orb by poetrade.

Example line:
~b/o x/y exalted-shard

I have not been able to rectify this problem, which is mildly infuriating to me.
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I'm putting items in the premium tabs but I'm still not shown as online on poe.trade? I've been online for the past 3 hours so I don't think there's a delay in updating?

Edit: I got it, I didn't know you have to right click the tab to set it as public.
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The item Sidhebreath Paua Amulet has a new mod in 3.0 as follows reduced mana cost of minion skills. It would be much easier if we could sort by this on the website. Thanks for all your hard work.
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