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In reguard of the massive amount of people putting up items at low prices, to trick new players to selling items too cheap discussed here : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1881309/page/1

There is a very easy solution to this:
If pricing is x% or more below market median/mean, and the trade message button(when player is online) has been pressed more than x amount of times by different players within x amount of time, the listing is removed.

This should completely nullify what these people are doing..
+1 for mean/median price data at the top of a search. it's not ideal but it will help at least
Add Ancient Reliquary Key in Currency market. PLEASE.
please, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEEEEEE add leaguestones to currency shop.
It's biggest pain in the rear to buy needed stones in bulk.
cant sell strands through poe trade currency with premium tab
they just dont show up
is anyone else expiriencing the same problem?
The bug with maps not appearing on currency website should be fixed now, try relisting them.
Thats marvelous!
I asked for stones and half day later - there you are!
(well I think its coincedence, and you did it on your schedule, but anyway, ty!)
Why my items aren't listed in poe.trade (depends on the price)? I can only see my item if I set the proce to 5 chaos (Lioneye's Remorse Pinnacle Tower Shield). Set the price to 10 chaos and item dissapeared from the list. Are there any limits?
Not sure if anyone else is running into this problem, and I've trawled through everywhere in search of a solution (reddit, poe forums etc.)

I have done everything in the OP's youtube video. This includes creating a fresh thread for the Legacy league, and copying exact shop template data from Acquisition to the the thread. I've also updated my status via the poe control automated link. My items do appear on poetrade, with my status online, HOWEVER my items don't have a buyout appearing. I've waited for a few days to see if it would update itself with a buyout on my items on poetrade, but alas nothing has happened.

Please if anyone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!

Here is my thread:


Kind regards.

Hey, I searched a bit and couldn't find anything.

When setting a price in portals, I get whispers for that price in coin. (say if I set a chaos at 80 portal, I get PMs for 80 coin). Doesn't happen all the time (I just checked now and I'm not listed under coin) but I'm sure I'll get a PM or two in the next hour or so. Been happening all week.

Any ideas?

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