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To follow up, I just got two PMs for coin but checked currency.poe.trade and I'm not there, so the mystery deepens...
Is it possible to change the sort order for search results?

Xunqualyn wrote:
When setting a price in portals, I get whispers for that price in coin. (say if I set a chaos at 80 portal, I get PMs for 80 coin). Doesn't happen all the time (I just checked now and I'm not listed under coin) but I'm sure I'll get a PM or two in the next hour or so.

The more information you provide in a bug report, the easier it is to help you.

The first things I'd wonder are;
  • Could you give an example of an affected item currently listed?
  • What "coin" are you talking about? Perandus Coins? Silver Coins? Something else?
  • How do you set prices? Manually typing the price in a premium tab? Right-clicking on the item and choosing a currency? Managing a shop on the PoE.Trade website?
  • Any chance of a screenshot of an affected item showing the price set for it?

Xunqualyn wrote:
To follow up, I just got two PMs for coin

I don't like the Tencent decision, however I still have confidence in both Chris and his judgement. I also still believe that he genuinely cares; both about the community and his employees.

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Sorry if any of that was vague.

I right click on a chaos and note "~b/o 40 portal". I'm correctly listed as buying portal, but I also get pms for perandus coin. Every time I do a search to see if I'm listed for perandus coin I don't see it, but the people whispering me swear I am. This is with the premium currency tab using note (portal isn't in the drop down).

I've changed my note to "~b/o 40 port" to see if that's any different, but if I recall that doesn't resolve the problem.

Confirmed still doing it when set on a normal premium tab using "port" note.
Is there anyway to contact the creators of http://currency.poe.trade/?

I've been developing software that can generate exchanges based on the market and am wondering if they'd be interested in my offer to add this functionality to their website.
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ive seen in a video that people verify the item but i cant find the button to do so myself(its a rather old vid). is this still a function or not?
I found out that live search doesn't always work, for example:

won't give results, but:

How can I configure my acquisition to say the stash tab and position of my itens? I'm looking in the forum and google but cant find that, I try to buy premium tab but still not working.
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