Update on Expansion Development Timeline

Sounds cool. I hope you guys wont include something so boring and mind-numbing as Atziri fragments farming in the new expansion. In light of fun endgame maps system and really fun stuff you came up with like Descent: Champions, Atziri fragments farm is a complete de-evolution of gameplay.

Keep up the good work & don't look too much back to year 1998 for gameplay inspiration.

Also, please no more things that slow you down all the time. Ice ground, slow aura, temporal chains, ice shot, arctic breath, squirrels, siren screams... enough is enough -_-
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All good. Can we get some ferret pet that runs around and collects wisdom scrolls amdf other such fodder? Wearing 2 of the rings that cause tons of wisdom scrolls really slows the gameplay down when you have to click every damn wisdom scroll that drops, and LOTS drop wearing those rings! I am sure you would sell lots of that pet (or pet skill so my kiwi can collect them). Maybe you could make it available only as part of a supporter pack to maximize income ☺

No. GGG has said no to this for over 2 years now. Pets will never be anything but cosmetic companions.

As to the OP, it's nice to see you guys at GGG slowing down a little bit and taking your time with updates. The pace before was crazy, and quite frankly some stuff has made it in that shouldn't have. The more you allow yourselves to take some time and review everything, the less likely that is.

GingerBeast wrote:
The only hope I have for the new expansion is that the content is not locked behind several layers of RNG.

Make it absurdly hard, make it not worth trying because of RNG based gear drops from the boss in combination with the difficulty, whatever. Just please, please, please make it so that everyone can at least experience it.

I would much rather get to the see the content that you guys have worked so hard on and realize that I have no hope of ever beating the final boss, than simply never even know what the content is at all.

I 100% agree with this.
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1 month hardcore league with

-every rare has a nemesis mod
-anarchy exile spawn rate
-nerfed invasion bosses (no other mobs invading)
-full strongboxes

#dream :D
I think we need a one month league that has every previous league together. So nemesis on every rare onslaught mode exiles like back in Anarchy and shrines the way they were. And of course the current leagues. xD
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Aaron Ciccheli, a guy who made millions running Diablo and PoE RMT sites, owns a significant portion of GGG. How's that for a conflict of interest? 7.5% of your supporter pack money goes to this guy.
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btw,can you nerf scion conversations.she just talk and talk and talk.annoying.

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PANTS finally!
Future = SECRET !

Hmm.. What about new supporter packs ?
They will be added with next new mini-expansion ?
Amazing post - I'm not trying to dis it, but there's a ton of spoiler-avoiding double-speak in the OP. It's amazing... we're really left with not knowing much of anything - except when current leagues end, and that there may be a mini-league in between.

I'm fine with this brush at knowledge... it leaves me anxious to know details! =P

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