Update on Expansion Development Timeline

Novarg wrote:
With the four-month Ambush and Invasion leagues ending on July 6 (NZ time) and the new challenge leagues being released alongside the expansion just over a month later, we are going to fill the one month gap with something exciting

Does it means that all ambush champs and items will be deleted and we will need to start in new league?

Nothing gets deleted. Ambush stuff ends up in Standard, Invasion stuff ends up in Hardcore.
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they should do a 1 month ambush/invasion race but with a twist...
the unique bosses drop 1 unique item 100%
and unique bosses in maps drop at least 1 map 100%
and send everything into the void league after
While many of you know that new Acts take more than a year to develop, I think it's probably best to clarify that Act Four isn't included in the August expansion. It's coming along really well, but even with a large team working on it, it's not going to be ready for release in 2014. We're basing another large expansion around it once it's complete. Damn our quality standards and ambitious plans :)

Damn that sound huge! I better gather gears from now on :)
trading is fine

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