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If it is the opposite of Sacrifice of the Vaal, I will give it a 85% satisfaction rating.
Bloodlash wrote:
All sounds good, personally I can't wait for Act 4.. I'm hoping we get some unique environments in there, like snow and ice areas, or volcano's, anything except bloody forests and ruins lol, but that all depends on where in Wraeclast Act 4 is taking place, hrm..

I do think bloody forests and ruins fit the overall theme of Wraeclast. Wouldnt make much sense to suddenly arrive in "snowy frozenland" just for the sake of it (as many games tend to do without logic). I like the way GGG for example dealt with Hailrake where the boss itself had some influence on the environment.

Up for the good work !!!
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Please make empower a quest reward.
Amoriah wrote:
It's now to the point that I dread new leagues because if I want to play the endgame with the new content, I still have to bash my way though the same content yet another 3 times.

While I see your point, the other factor going on here is that half the reason they put the new leagues in isn't to just test new content, it's to provide a fresh economy where everyone resets and is on a level playing field.

Imo, that's worth the 12-16 hour runthrough to get to a3m again.

Mezzo907 wrote:
Please make empower a quest reward.

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I think i reschedule my planned vacation to July instead of August. Otherwise the one month break will kill the game for me. I don't really like the 1-2 weeks race as i am a scrub and i am unable to finish my build in time.

Maybe some 4 week SC league + some shorter HC races , inc. the self found. To satisfy the HC core. 1 week Turbo Amb+Inv mix :D

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Ty for scam <3
I love this game. That is all :)
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wahaha123 wrote:
hours ago i was waiting for a new post on announcements, so i can be on 1st page, and this is where i am now, page 12


So your life is now forfeit? Keep refreshing your browser for those announcements. Maybe one day you will make it to the first page. And then... Absolutely nothing will happen..
Awesome, Thank you GGG!!!! Can't wait!
I hope they will add some new content for the Guild System.
Hail your quality standards and ambitious plans! :D

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