[FUSION] We Don't Need 2 Guilds To Measure Up Like Stubby Does (STD/TMT) 248/250 66 Stash Tabs


248/250 active members (most active within a day or two) plus 2 in the invite que
We now have 0 spots open. We are currently approximately 95%+ active, in our membership. Also, contrary to another guild's delusional claims, we are the most active guild in this game.

I was never looking for a dick measuring contest with anyone here. But since you mention it...Yep, my highest characters are both 77 because I've spent about 2000 hours, the past year, making the guild I have ROCK (more than yours) instead of trying pick fights with others, like you do. Visitors please see page 79 for more info.

1-16-15 Due to the demand for spots, we're only taking newer players with the highest character level being 60 or under. Please see the descriptions for some other guilds, below our banner, to find one that is suitable for you, if you don't meet these qualifications.

3-1-15 We're full but I will be clearing out some inactive members this weekend to open some spots up.

If we're currently filled up, please post to this thread if you would like to be added to our waiting list, which I will get to as soon as possible. I kick inactive members and make spots on Tuesdays and Saturdays. In the mean time, please check out our guild site, which is full of info and resources for newer players.
poefusion.guildlaunch.com Whoever wants to learn what they need to know should go there, even if you're not so new or you don't join this guild. I've made it into a clearing house of info.

Currently averaging 40+ members logged in during peak game times and 20+ during dead times (late late night/early morning US times). We are very active on both Standard and Torment leagues. I would say we're about 50/50 Torment/Standard.

Two former Officers of [FUSION] have teamed up and started a guild which will most likely grow to be much like this one. They are just starting out and can use some more members to help them grow BIG. I think they'll do a very good job, too. Check out [SYNERGY] thread: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1158411

The guild [PIG] is now an established guild, which is a hybrid helping new players/higher end players guild, like this one. They are under new leadership and things are going well, there. If you would like to check them out, here is their thread: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1145880

One Eight Seven [MURDA] is a mid level-end game guild. Their guild members come from numerous games with US top rankings in hardcore raids that will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to any game. Along side a strong core, they provide a lucrative environment for any aspiring hardcore gamer. They are always looking to recruit any gamer with experience and dedication. They want players who take pride in being a part of a team. You can check them out more here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1164972

Join the new in-game guild recruitment channel by typing, in chat, /global 100 and check out some other guilds who might be advertising there.

You also may want to check out the Guild Directory here http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1192567 for other possible guilds to join.

I know it's weird that I'm promoting other guilds but I'm here to mainly to help get them going and/or help them out. This game needs more guilds and I'm happy to see someone join one, even if it's not mine. You guys now have more choices and I think that is totally cool. Enjoy this awesome game!

If you have a guild, and want to be added to this list, please let me know.

Any English speaking people around the world welcome!

This is a guild catering specifically to new to the game players. We have plenty of veteran players, on board, who are more than willing to help you. Our goal, with each new player, is to provide them with enough information to progress, successfully, throughout the entire game while insuring that they have good gear while doing so.

Captain Mort With His Nunchakus

On Standard, we have a large selection, spread over approx 100 storage tabs, 65 of which are guild tabs (in addition to Rampage remove only tabs) plus 80 something mules. Most of our resources consist of good rares and lots of unique items to get you from 1-80+ and we always have around 600-700+ gems (including 2 tabs of leveled ones) available, in our stash, to give you when you need them. The guild holds plenty of gems, most in storage, from which I keep us well stocked in the stash, including hundreds support gems. We also have lots of scrolls to get you going with. We have some higher end gear for those who reach Merciless. Everything is free, except for the sale tabs (Mort Mart), too. You keep the gems, the gear you return when you're done with it, and the currency is on an approval basis, depending on if I feel the piece of gear is worth crafting up (I usually do). I will explain this further as you read on.

We'll NEVER claim to be #1, like other guilds have. There is no measurable system to determine the best guild. We will, however, claim to be STEAK.

Please click the spoiler to see our current breakdown of our 65 Standard tabs (plus the remaining Rampage remove only tabs) and 65 Torment tabs.
According to the images, below, the brown tabs are rare armors and the red tabs are rare weapons. Everything else should be self-explanatory according to the names of the tabs. The adopt a gem tab is for taking gems to put in spare sockets to level up to 15 or higher, for "Leveled Gems" tabs. The "Upgrade Here" tab is full of free whetstones and scraps to upgrade your stuff with. It also contains free scrolls.

Our Standard Stash:

The 5 specific unique tabs are usually stocked with one of each unique we have, so I don't duplicate any of them and am able to offer more of a selection that way. In some cases, I will put duplicates in, but for the most part there is only one of each. The two misc unique tabs (Unique Potpouri) are just some random uniques which are duplicated in the stash. I restock the stash several times per day, to make sure we are getting the most out of our space there. The level one gem tabs and our adopt-a-gem tab usually don't have duplicates in each tab, either. Our rare tabs are full of gear with high mod stuff like physical damage, very high elemental damage (with physical sometimes too), increased armor, evasion, energy shield, life, resists, run speed and other good mods players look for. I vendor the the crappier stuff regularly and am always rotating so we have the best rares available. We have 6 tabs full of free 5L items, too! Most of them are only crafting value, but you can knock yourself out and hopefully get an OP rare 5L. Once you craft them up, feel free to keep them! The Mort Mart tabs are sale items, which are priced very well to help raise currency for various guild applications. I have listed all the prices on a thread on our website forum.

The following will be updated about every 2-3 tabs we add:
This is how our Standard Stash menu looks:

The Torment Stash (updated 65 tabs shot coming soon):

Info regarding our sale tabs:
The sale tabs help raise currency for us to stay in lower currency so I can help guild members, for free, who need to 4L items and 3L weapons/shields and get them the right colors they need. I purchase items we are short on, too. I also use the currency to craft items to keep our tabs as full as possible with good stuff. I use A LOT of currency to do this and by selling this higher end stuff to guild members for substantial discounts I am helping them and the guild at the same time. It's working great.

go here to check out Mort Mart http://poefusion.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10530665&gid=397460

This is what we currently have to work with, as far as guild currency, on Standard, as of 1-14-15:

Thanks to http://exilebro.com/ for doing a great job at quickly and easily keeping us stocked in anything we run low on! You can even set up your own shop there and start selling.

In total, the guild holds hundreds of EX worth of resources (guild stash, my stash and 3 1/2 accounts of mules), and most of it FREE to YOU!

I stay busy, with this guild, and devote 3-5 hours, on average, per day, managing it. Aside from retrieving items from our stash for members, like our Officers, I do many other things. I actually prefer guild management over game play, which makes things work really well for my guild. To find out what I do cilck the spoiler.
I handle most of our recruiting. This not only includes finding new recruits, by many means, but I also keep us active by removing our inactive members and replacing them with new members. I also manage our website and update it often, post new forum topics, and admin our forums. I spend most of my time managing 185+ tabs which include 65 guild on standard (plus the Rampage tabs), 65 guild on Torment, 12 on three alt accounts, 22 in my personal stash on standard, and 22 personal on Torment. They are mostly organized, too. Plus I manage 3 accounts worth of storage mules. I trade a lot for lower currency to keep us well stocked in that, too, so we can help with member gear. I also purchase items we are running low on, with guild currency. I do a lot more but these are the main things. Like I said, I stay busy.

You don't have to be this busy, if you start a guild like this, as I suggest at the bottom of this thread. If you keep it smaller or less functional, you will have plenty of time to play. I just prefer guild management over game play which is why I do what I do. A guild, of 100 members, like this, with less tabs, will be very easily manageable and still highly successful.

Everything in our stash is free (except the two sale tabs)-the gems you keep and the gear you return when you are done with it so someone else can use it. Just ask an Officer or me to get whatever you need out. We're glad to help. There is almost always someone on to get anything you need out of the stash. Our current guild stash system works very well and everyone is very happy with it.

We're basically making this into a project to take as many new players as we can and help them do better at the game as fast as possible. A lot of new players quit POE because they don't know where to go for help out the gate. That's what we're here for. Not only are we going to help you right away, but it will continue as long as you are a member. Eventually, you'll be in a position to help other guildies and the guild as a whole. As our guild evolves and grows, we will never stop making it our number one priority to help new players. It'll be great to see some of the old new players helping the new ones someday.

We're currently regularly farming masters. Masters are done throughout the day and night. We have no set times, but if you want to form a group, just announce it in guild chat.

We also do maps very regularly. We don't have any set times. If someone wants to run maps, they announce it in guild chat and form a group up. The guild has tons of free maps to run, if you don't have any of your own. We have plenty of mappers, too!

We're very active with plenty of players on 24/7/365. I keep it this way by giving you 10 days to be absent from the game, without notice, before you walk the plank. We usually have 40-50 or so players on during peak times and always a bunch even on dead times. Everyone is friendly and helpful, too. We wouldn't have it any other way. Come join the party!

I would like to give credit to those who have donated to this guild. Below is a list of members who have donated points, so we could grow into what we have become, so far. I am purposely not including the amounts so people don't feel they are getting less credit than they deserve. Any amount of points donated is much appreciated and even the lower amounts add up to get us new tabs (50 points each) and member slots (10 slots for 100 points).

Jeffliddle, Mishoga17, Cyaxel, Kalvish, Lukor15, Unclecoord, Cyanblade, Taneth, SamuelMSr, Mili1985, BL1ghtning, Irefuse, Iziaa, Smallsea_Turtle, Dajmstrut, Anihsod, Vaffelgroten, Flcboy, Woodcutta, FloAr, Davidnn5, Dragaxe, LordDarkside117, Glegan, SeductiveTears, imuzo, silvercrest, RimGreeper, Jathed, FoReVrTwiStD, Shiro05, Ctomster, Brynet, _ZoG_, Zakknaphen, C0Y0T3_SLY, EKoP, Bustrodux, Kailinz, Belfnyr, Logical, Vveridian, Beranor, 4Phex, GosuZack, atlapro, aarnass, NeoXodia, & raisin2u

All donations, including my own contributions, have led us, so far, to 5850 points! Thanks everyone!

We also have Teamspeak for our voice communication. It's not required but it sure helps.

PM me here, post on this thread or hit me up in the game for an invite. IGN Mortimer_Wilson

I've been leading clans and guilds since 1998. If you want to learn more about me and my gaming experience please check out the following forum post:

We're a very friendly and social guild and our members all enjoy the fact that everyone gets along great (99.9% of the time) so if you aren't into that sort of thing, but still want to join, please read this book, which is available on Amazon:

Everyone gets issued one of these babies, free, upon joining!!


For more information on how YOU can start your own guild like this, please see this thread:
(hope you like pirate shit)
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Last bumped on May 18, 2018, 9:10:14 PM
We currently only have 4 spots left on our roster. I'll be adding 10 more in June.
Hello. Looking to join my IGN is SingYai
Hi, I'm not completely new (joined late March 2014) but I would like to join a guild and talk to others while playing PoE. RNG has been good to me in that short time though. A little background: I'm a soon-to-be rising junior in high school (I hope PoE's minimum age is 13) and run Varsity Cross Country. No one at school knows I play video games (in-the-closet gamer), but I've been playing MMOs since I was about 6~7. I'm intelligent and take AP courses and excel in them. This is finals week but I can get by without studying. Once it's summer I can start running again and play PoE more.
My IGN is ThirstyOrNah
If there isn't space for me, then may I be put on the waiting list?
Thank you.
Sorry Landrew but I just filled my last spot but June is right around the corner and I'll be adding at least 10 more spots. In the meantime, you might want to check our website out at poefusion.guildlaunch.com and check out the sites that are posted on that page. They'll help you out a lot. Also, I can still help you even though your not in yet. Just contact me in game.
Sucks that you're full up for now. I read your personal profile and you sound like an awesome guy, with exactly my stance towards guilds! Im a pretty impatient person tbh but maybe if in june i'm guildless id love to be a part of this one!

Im not particularly new to the game but would love to join you in helping out new players. Also have a lot of free time now as Ive just finished Uni, studying games design too haha :)
Well, you're first on the list for June so I'll contact you as soon as I add more spots. If anyone else wants to join in June, please feel free to post here or PM me.
Hey FR

I would like to join. I am not a new player by date but a new player in mind set...per say. I started playing in January of 2013. I am very causual and know some things but dont know others.

The current guild that I am in has become less active and has no online (VOIP) system to use. The leader has not been seen since Christmas.

I read your profile and its great! I really miss the community aspect that I experienced in the first Guild Wars. I did play d2 and WoW and now mostly play PoE.

Let me know your thoughts. Im a humble, helpful person. I would love to be able to give away some of my lower level gear to newer players. I am also looking for people to map with or do piety/dominus runs with. My highest level character is lvl 79 and I am wanting to keep those "dings" coming! I never have a problem taking a break in my XP hunt to help lower level players maybe beat a boss or quick run some areas.
Not playing anymore. It was a fun ride since 2013!! I just browse the forum now. ~~~~~ "We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around." ~~~~~"All that you are is the sum of all your thoughts."
Damax, I'd be happy to have you and will send you a PM in early June after I add 10 to the member max.
FusionReactor wrote:
Damax, I'd be happy to have you and will send you a PM in early June after I add 10 to the member max.

Thanks, Fusion!
Not playing anymore. It was a fun ride since 2013!! I just browse the forum now. ~~~~~ "We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around." ~~~~~"All that you are is the sum of all your thoughts."

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