[PIG] Pigs Are Great: Casual guild focused on kindness, generosity, and helping new exiles [95/100]

Please PM Fumbleswing if you are interested in joining the guild. Sadly real life has reared its ugly head and I will be away from PoE for a while. Good luck Exiles!!!!

This is not a new guild thread, simply an update to the current thread so that current members, officers and potential members have updated information.

The guild still holds by the same principles as outlined in the forum thread here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1018995/page/1

I have been tasked with taking over leadership responsibilities temporarily and thus wanted a forum thread to reflect waitlist status and any other announcements. I will be editing and updating this post with appropriate information as I can.

I am in service to piglets everywhere :D :D

I know the post is boring at this time. I will be sprucing it up!

Pending invites: 0


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Hi are you recruiting players i want to join a guild.

Im not a new player but not that good.

PM me if im beeing inv

OverlordFlametotem on torment im pay the most now
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<---- 51 yr old hog and i would love to root around the ole pigpen with all you boars, sows, n piglets!!

Just got back into this after a year long hiatus. I'm a casual, laid back, love-to-have-fun kinda guy looking to hang out n play with like-minded folk!

character name: twatastic
Mmmmmm Pigletss, Loving the name and by the looks of the posts the Pigmmunity
What came first Mcdonalds or KFC?
hi, would be interested in joining if spots still open.

pm me for any questions ign; tipysimperialconcubine

am kiwibird, quack

EDIT: or pm me on forum
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im from canada and im pretty much on all the time. lvl 86 in torment and have a mic
Fuse - Level 61 Ranger
I would like to join if you have a spot open :)

My IGN: Ragnours

This sounds like a great guild and a nice group of people. I would like to join. My ign is: Mentalrists

I just came over from Bloodline and am looking for some people to play with in Torment. I have played in 1.1 and now am coming back in 1.3.

Hi, Lets start this off right...

My names Kornman and I'm here to say can I join your guild mate I'm from Canada eh.
With my ranged archery and I sit down to pee, I need a pigee to make me be free... I donno

Anyways My names Mark, I'm a 22 year old web developer/painter and just like to play casual games with down to earth people. ( character is a girl hence the sit down to pee... )

IGN: Izgoodya

I play torment atm and would love to join. Send me a pm anytime.
Incursion IGN: Franken_Feathertail
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Hi, I just join PoE about a week ago. I hope that by joining this guild, I would be able to learn more about the game, and get stronger. My IGN is xLastBlade, I play in the Standard League.

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