[FUSION] We Don't Need 2 Guilds To Measure Up Like Stubby Does (STD/TMT) 248/250 66 Stash Tabs

Hello Fusion,
I'm not exactly new but I haven't played for quite some time and I deleted all my chars except a lvl 53 scion and I want to start new chars in Standard , so i can help low lvl Players or new Players when i start new chars.So when you have more spots I would be happy about an invite IGN: BaalOrun

Ps: Does it matter on which Gateway you play?
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Lukor I'll contact you either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when my internet gets hooked up at my new place (I'm moving). Welcome aboard!
Thank you
Im a 18 years old female gamer :) Due to lags and low amount of people playing in the garena server, i decided to move over to the global server. Im currently looking for a friendly guild for me to settle down, welcoming to new players and one that is active :3 Will be looking forward into playing with you people <3

IGN: SedectiveArrows
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Hello, been playng poe for a week and want to join a guild to play with people. Do you guys use Ts3 or mumble?
ING: Nofne
Lukor15 wrote:
Thank you

You're welcome ;-)
Ok Archer and Eima, I got you on the waiting list. I'll contact you early to mid week next week. BTW, yes, we do have Mumble. I'll pm you the info so you can get on before you join. It's not being used a lot, yet, though, but give it some time and we'll have some regulars on. The guild is still pretty new. Welcome to you two ;-)
Hey! I too devoted too much of my life to Diablo. As I recall, seeing what you were doing in D1 was why I never had any duped items. I remember the name, though I don't think we ever met online. I didn't get to 50+ D2 accounts, but I did have a few....

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out PoE. Downloaded it quite some time ago and only really started playing seriously in time for the 2 week race. I'd love to be able to join the Guild. I have 1 character that is actually at the end of Act 3, and a stash full of stuff so I'd be happy to donate some things as well.

Do you have any spot? I am a somewhat new player that just recently started playing on weekends, so far I have found the game entertaining but i have been solo gaming, so to me its been kinda like the Diablo I days all along and I am missing the multiplayer part of the game.

Thank you in advance!

IGN: Iskavarl
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Well, hello there!
I'm looking for a guild to join, atm I'm a lv 36 Templar, I know I'm kinda low lv but come on! I've been playing this for like 4 days!!

My IGN: SlamKnight

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