New Race Reward 3d Art

pls turn the alt art capris into pants ty (looks sick otherwise!)
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I'm not getting the 3d alternate art on standard.
Sorbetero wrote:
I'm not getting the 3d alternate art on standard.

Nor am I. It's really sad. Mine looks like the normal, in other words it looks like this.

Completed 3 Challengesstevich wrote:
Arrowneous wrote:
Catching up so all uniques have 3D art is all good and well. But seriously, this is more important than the many "ocean" sized problems needing to be fixed? Oh, right, you can't fix it cause you got shafted by a game engine dick that took over a year to hire and get to work for you and then quit a few months later. I was surprised to hear this and even more surprised that you couldn't have included some kind of clause in his contract that stipulated a minimum time before he could quit. Sigh! That had to be a major setback for you. Maybe you can give us poor solo players something else to compensate for the technical problems of playing PoE with the current game engine. Wouldn't hurt and the Steam stats showing fewer and fewer players still playing PoE is quite alarming to me, in spite of your comments to dismiss this as only steam players who are more casual and don't represent the loyal hardcore.

What are you talking man? You don't know anything about the game.
The engine was created by Jonathan a founder and developer of Path of Exile(and he still is).
It was their choice to create it on their own because of the money.

 I know all that, it's old news. My comment was related to a post I read a while back saying that GGG had been looking for a game engine optimizer to hire on to do the very technical but extremely needed coding to try and reduce desync. After finding one, getting the work done for a person to move to another country, then getting him to move to NZ, and finally after waiting over a year to get him on the task of finding ways to reduce desync, he only works for GGG a few months and then quits to go and work on his own game engine.

 Jonathan is probably drowning (keeping to the ditch and ocean size metaphors) with the ocean amount of PoE new code that is being written to add new game features for every patch. Then there are the bugs to hunt down and kill, balancing, fixes for new spells that cause unwanted side effect problems, etc., and it's no wonder that GGG needs to find some one with the necessary game engine programming skills to work on the big D problem.
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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:

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