[Official] Kripp Wand Templar

Okay so to save a lot of people's time asking questions again and again, I will try my best to include everything there is to playing with wands in this thread.

The basic principles of this guide can be seen on this video:

Endgame build:

Build Strengths:
- Unmatched group utility (up to 7 auras, conduit, 70+ crit freezes and shocks every mob on screen)
- Unlimited potions
- Unbeliavle damage scaling from elemental sources
- Extremely high single target DPS from consecutive shock stacks
- Utilizes every stat in the game (except for spell dmg/crit)
- Dynamic. Build changes based on gear
- Auras can change to easily overcome map penalties
- Can be done as Templar, Witch, or (not so effectively) Shadow

Build Weaknesses:
- Very gear dependant
- Very weak mid-game leveling build
- Lower life total than most endgame builds

Skills Used:
Single Target 4 Link = Power Siphon (level 5) + Faster Attacks + Weapon Elemental + Crit Damage

AOE 5 Link (6Link) = Power Siphon (level 5) + Chain + Weapon Elemental + LMP/GMP + Life Leech + (Faster Attacks/Additional Accuracy)

Totem 3 Link = Summon Skeletons + Spell Totem + Cast Speed/Enfeeble

Utility 3 Link = Elemental Weakness + Enduring Cry + Cast Speed/Enduring Cry

Auras = 4 Link = Reduced Mana + Discipline + Grace + Determination/Vitality

Auras = 4 Link = Reduced Mana + Wrath + Clarity/TempestShield/Purity + Haste + Anger(fullcost)

Weapon Swap = Brightbeak x2 = Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Whatever Auras you are not using

Aura Breakdown:
Discipline, Wrath, and Anger are always used. If you run 7 auras, after casting the 3 auras linked to a reduced mana gem, replace the reduce mana gem and cast Anger at full cost to save 1 gem socket.

Haste is optional, and only used if you are above 2.4k(ish) mana.
Replace Determination for Vitality if you, or your group, needs added life regen.
Replace Clarity with Purity and drop Grace if you need to, for elemental weakness map.
Replace Clarity with TempestShield if your mana pool is sufficient. Probably takes around 3k Mana.

Current Gear:

Current Stats:
Level 84 on HC: 10k Dps single target, 1.4k Dps AOE using GMP, 4.5k Life, 2.6k Mana, 3k Armor (26k with granite), 4k Evasion. 230 Mana/s using clarity, 160 Mana/s without clarity.

Notes On Gear:
- Best Wand will have 3 Elemental rolls, Crit, Attack Speed, and Crit Damage, Accuracy, or Mana Regen. +skills are kind of nice for temp wands because the bonus can apply to Anger or Wrath if you move it to the wand.
- Try to use Armor based gear. 1 good hybrid, or full ES piece will let you go from 6 to 7 auras. I feel this is a good trade-off because it also skyrockets your mana regen.
- Top stat on any piece is Life. Secondary is Elemental Damage. Thirdly Accuracy/Resists.
- You must never be below 70% in any resist because you may die to reflect mobs.

Current Potions:

Notes On Potions:
- Get those exact potions.

The Begining - 1h mace/shield, or 2h maul/staff. Use glacial hammer with ground slam +added fire. Build around elemental so if your gear is good enough you can make an instant transition.

Step 1: Start

Step 2: Life

Step 3: Life

Step 4: Resists

Step 5: The Long Void of Life

Step 6: The Eldritch

Step 7: Life

Step 8: Wands Finally (respec 4 points)

Step 9: Static+Life

Normal = Help Oak
Crual = Kill All
Merc = Help Western Forest Bandit

Making The Transition To Wands:
You will probably want to play in a group as leveling as Templar with a bad melee build will result in many likely deaths. When you transition to wands your main problem will be having enough mana, but it will naturally go away as you get better gear. The main issue on the transition is getting a 4 linked blue/red/green/green item. Find one and use it regardless of stats using PS+LMP+WE+Chain/Fork/Pierce. Your next problem will be finding enough dex. To solve this you may have to spec and respec out of the 30 dex nodes depending on your gear. Level every aura all the way up as fast as you can.

Elemental vs Physical Wands:
Elemental wander basically owns physical because its pretty much the same build but the physical one gets less life nodes as more wand nodes are required to scale the physical portion properly. If you happen to get an insane physical wand, just run hatred and maybe added fire -- don't change anything else -- you don't need more damage than what your auras, and your wand provides.

This is among the strongest builds in the game for map grinding, but it is not for most people. It is very difficult to stay alive when compared to other builds, and the gear requirement is extremely high. Also, fewer people playing means cheaper gear for me, so you should probably go manmode, and play ground slam marauder.
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Really cool build, congrats Kripp!
Awesome build Kripp!

Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Templar in the first place?
Skullz wrote:
Awesome build Kripp!

Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Templar in the first place?

I chose Templar because it is the only class on the tree that is capable of doing anything. Once I get to a very high level I will be able to change into whatever spec I want.
Thanks for putting this out.
Kripp, thx for putting this together. It was quite difficult searching through all the previous threads and trying to make sense of it all.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks kripp! the passive build-up will definitely help with the leveling process.
@McDeliveryOnFlurry - Legacy Softcore

add me if i win or if my bids are lower than c/o
Awesome work as expected from Kripp, will try this out just for curiosity! Marvelous work thank you.
Hi Kripp,

Thanks for the write up. Currently running this build with great success. A quick question I have been wondering;

I have just finished getting my gear and skills linked and everything is working as intended but now I want to start upgrading to quality gems. Can you suggest what gems to make the swap up to quality first? Apart from Power Siphon being the obvious one, which would be the most beneficial to go for next and which can be left until last?

Thanks again!
Quick question from the noob here.. why Power Siphon lvl 5? mana cost? cant this be compensated somehow?

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