[0.10.0] Build of the Week submissions

Alrighty, I would like to submit my level 73 tank witch.(name prizumz)

current tree:


This character has 1.5k life,2.5k shields, 58% block chance, and focuses on using life leech to restore shields through ghost reaver, I also use enduring cry to fortify my armor. (4 charge max)

the build shines in most fights, only falling victim to freeze or chaos damage, it has a very tough to break tank, and enough drain to outpace most map bosses and large packs, with enough control to mitigate the damage.


Shock nova.
The primary drain skill is actually shock nova, the support gems for it are elemental proliferation, life leech, and faster casting. the EP allows me to spread shock to maximum stacks over a large pack in only a few casts, greatly improving the drain amount and damage.(i focus on stacking chance on hit to shock skills instead of crit. I feel it gives me

Temporal chains.
this curse is used to assist my tank, I found it greatly increases my survivabiliy.

Molten shell.
This is actually what I use to kill bosses and mobs inside of my shock nova. I have it linked to concentrated effect and faster casting. This skill packs an amazing punch, and with ignite it has been known to one shot bosses. (later i would like to link my quality 15% molten shell with chance to ignite on top of CE, giving it a major on hit burn chance.)

Tempest shield.
I mainly use this skill for the added block chance, although the extra damage is nice. both this skill and Clarity are linked to reduced mana cost.

everyone needs mana!

Enduring Cry.
In cruel i picked up the +1 to endurance charges. This skill has proved priceless for strengthening my tank and forcing mobs to detonate my molten shell.

This skill is linked to LMP,faster casting, and life leech. I use this skill 1v1 with bosses or for smaller groups of mobs, it basically fills in the shield life steal when the shock nova range isn't quite right.

Thanks for taking a look at my build, and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask here or in game.
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Casual Exile.

Any Eva/ES Claw/board/claw build out there? Mine is feeling weak atm.
Will try to share my IS Bow Witch once I'm done with it. Have never seen one made, although it isn't the most optimized thing in the world.
Flame Totem mark 2 (tribute to Neonspyder)

So I saw the build of the week video about the flame totem focused templar and I thought "that sounds like a lot of fun!" So I started playing it and I found that flame totem dies very very quickly and there isn't very much you can do about that. Solution? MORE DAMAGE!!!

Items I use:

Passive tree:


Flame totem + Faster Casting + Added Lightning Damage + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Knockback

Basically faster casting means higher attack rate, added lightning damage for the shock chance, lesser multiple for the extra damage (I did not use greater multiple because it increases the mana cost too much for only a small damage boost)

Discipline aura with Reduced Mana

Clarity aura with Blood Magic to get my hp low enough to active the 3 low life effects of my build

Conversion Trap with Reduced Mana and Increased Duration (the Reduced Mana is only there because it is in the same peice of gear as the Discipline) so that the conversion will last longer

Lightning Warp just for convenience

Enfeeble if something is taking my totems down too quickly

Current Flame Totem dps without auras: 454.2
Current Flame Totem dps with auras : 1059.8

Explanation of items top to bottom:

2 Redbeaks because low life means I have 3x the damage I would have. The reason I do not use the searing touch unique staff is because it gives an average of around 70% spell damage which is less than 3x the normal damage (Clarity Reduced Mana to activate the extra damage)

Crown of Thorns because of the Pain Attunement, it saves me from having to get it in the passive tree

Necklace has amazing spell damage

Left Ring gives health, fire damage and all resists

Right ring is only for the resistances and dexterity

Chest peice could be changed at any time, it has pretty average stats and only there for the sockets :D

Gloves are the same, useful stats but mostly there for the sockets

I only got the belt as I was writing this (haha) but it gives chaos resistance which is very nice seeing as I am fairly weak to it. The maximum life and extra strength means I have slightly more life that isn't reserved by Clarity

Boots have some nice strength, dexterity and extra health


Basically the current build is fine but more energy sheild would make it slightly less dangerous

I assume the original maker of this build knows this but here is my strategy. Place the flame totems at their maximum range (takes a little while to learn) so that they can attack and are not being attacked. If you think they will be overwhelmed then throw down 1-3 conversion traps and have them fight amongst themselves while the totems do their thing. Stay back as far as you can without aggro'ing more monsters. If something runs after you and the totems are focused on something else then run circles around the totems and they will kill it for you or it will reaggro to the totem. If there is a monster with a peircing attack like the blue fire breathing dogs in the docks then the best thing to do (in my opinion) is to place a totem on either side of the dog so that it can only attack one at a time. If even THAT doesn't work then convert the monster, place totems either side and just as the conversion wears out enfeeble it and replace the totems as they die.

I have yet to encounter something that can counter this build except for ONE monster. That was a:
Life Leech
Elemental Resistant
Fire breathing dog and I just couldn't outdps the health it was leeching and regenerating.

The End.
Hope you liked it
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Shock/Burn Summoner - odoakar_Maelstorm

Although I'm only lvl 47, Act 2 Cruel, I have prety much locked my build, what is left is only to perfect the equipment and take some additional passives.

Regarding minions, it's a standard summoner build with MI. What makes the build shine is that I focus on high crit chance together with Static blows, for maximum chance to shock mobs. For this I use Spark - Fork - Increased Crit - Faster cast, so I can spam the room with sparks and shock as many monsters.

Dager is a nice 80% global crit:

Amulet also adds crit chance:

I also use Flammability, so when my minions explode, they do additional fire damage and can cause burn. Burn with shock can be very deadly. To push this damage even more, I use Elemental Equilibrium - since my goal is only to crit with sparks, I don't care for loss in DPS from spark.

Zombies are linked to Damage and Life, Skeletons to Spell totem.

For stronger monsters, I use Enfeeble. The goal is to take Double curse, and use Enfeeble/Flammability/Temporal Chains.

I also use 2 auras (Clarity, Discipline) so mana regen is very important for this build. FOr this I have:

Passive tree

I've just recently added Faster Cast to spork, so my mana regen is just barely below what I need, but in few lvls I should be able to cast Spork without any mana starvation, after which I will start replacing mana potions with granites.

So far it's been very safe build in Cruel, corpse explosion usually clears the whole room, especially with shock status+flammability curse.
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Elemental cleave Templar build:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/92670

Posted the link there rather than writing the thing all over again, the build is based around my old shadow build, uses the same idea, stack elemental damage,use cleave, concentrated effect, kill everything.

But this time around i started as a templar and used life/armor instead of ES.

As playstyle goes, spam cleave, curse, spam cleave, cast totem if you feel like it, maybe raise a zombie,cleave, enduring cry if the enemies are a bit tough use a granite too,cleave, whirling blades if you get in trouble,cleave, rejuvenation totem when dealing with elemental reflect or when you run out of flasks and last but not least.. spam cleave :D

Its quite fun to play, can use a lot of different skills due it having pretty high of all the attributes, it can tank, and it can do massive damage, hope its worthy for the build of the week!

(i also use conversion trap which turns out to be one of the most fun skills in this game, its insane i laughed all day when i tried it in PvE)
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Dougheath the Ethereal Knives Marauder

I am making a softcore ek mara. Currently I am level 60. Going to be using a dual wand build with switch being 1 hand/shield with leap slam for travel. My wands are crap at the moment so I am only doing about 1.6k dps which is enough to get by but that will shoot up with some decent gear. The same goes for my HP. My build looks like this

Current Build

My ek links setup is currently

ethereal knives------------iron will
faster casting-----------added fire damage

I want to also add life leech to that. If I ever get a 6 link I would either put fork or faster projectiles

I am also running Hatred---reduced mana cost

I currently use the Projectile Weakness curse.

The plan from here is to get 2 really high spell damage wands. Enough intel on gear to use said wands (astramentis amulet preferred). I would like The Magnate belt for the 25% more physical damage. Since we will be doing big physical damage, the added stun length is good too. If you want to get really fancy, you could find some windscream boots. This will allow you to also cast the vulnerability curse. With 2 curses on the target, you will do around 60% more damage. The boots also add an elemental boost for Added fire damage and Hatred. The rest of the gear should stack health. If I get the 3 uniques I mentioned, my final build will look like this.

Future Build

The passive tree is almost all survivability with most the damage from wands and the strength stat. Any points after would probably go to Endurance Charges

Pros and Cons for this build.

-High Survivability. A whopping 237% more hp bonus and 7.4% hp regen.
-Decent AOE DPS
-Resists start at +3% on Merciless
-No mana problems because of Blood Magic
-Mostly physical damage so you don't have to worry about enemy resists.

-No chaos resist
-Not great for no regen maps unless you have life leech
-Not good for boss killing
-No single target skills and EK doesn't shotgun at all (which I find stupid :) )
-Slow cast speed.
-Damage is extremely gear dependent
-Low crit chance and crit damage
-Very hard to create as early a mid game damage is so bad
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