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Completed 18 Challengesbenkeia wrote:
Righteous fire Incinerate templar


Incinerate—added chaos dmg—gmp--- mana leech—life leech

2000dps that has a shotgun effect if you are in front of the target
The 1.8 multiplier its an overall multiplier that stacks 3 times

2000x1.8=3600 after 1 seconds of constant casting

3600x1.8=6480 after 2 seconds of constant casting

6480x1.8=11664 after 3 seconds of constant casting

(shotgun effect still applies if target is close and all 5 projectiles hit the same target)
That would be 58k dmg and you may ask why they allow it to be that high, and there are 3 reasons for this,

1 is the mana cost, I use 4 nodes that reduce mana cost per cast that add up to 22% and this skill upkeep to me is at 280 mana per second

2 incinerate range is short, you need to invest into projectile speed in order to make its range decent.

3 while using other skills you can either kite with long range skills or freeze ur enemies with ice skills, with incinerate you are either tanky or not able to deal damage.
You need a 20%q righteous fire, extremely high es items, a shavrone with 5 or 6 links, either the covenant to pay life on some auras or a prism guardian.

The passive three:


wont get into much details but ill mention the keystones

body and soulx2
inner force
elemental adaptation
troll´s blood
pain attunement ghost reaver
zealot oath

iron reflexes
this one is very important, people QQ about me being one of the few casters that sacrifice 12+ passives in order to get this when I could be getting 100% es instead. The thing people ignore is the synergy of Grace +Determination+ Inner Force + Iron reflexes + having 100%es/100%armor nodes

My auras:
Lvl 20 purity, grace, clarity, haste discipline,
lvl 18determination
all linked to lvl 20 reduced mana gems or else they won’t work

my defenses:

689 hp/6474 es

10,544 armor

85%elemental resists

-10% chaos dmg

It’s a must for this build to have 100% freeze and stun avoidance

49% chance to block attacks (using tempest shield)

16% chance to block spells

Arctic armor lvl 11 up at all times giving 65/65*1.3(inner force) phys and fire dmg reduction

The -10% chaos dmg might seem like a flaw and I had the choice to get gear and passives that would increase that number but chaos damage doesn´t actually hurt this build, chaos damage is mostly damage over time, even mobs that say “deals chaos damage” like wharf or thicket boss, actually does pathetic amount of chaos dmg, yet I don´t see the need to increase this

Actives Skills I use

Molten shell /RF / tempest shield/incinerate/elemental weakness/ arctic armor

Inner force bumps molten shell , righteous fire, arctic armor and tempest shield that’s why I picked them.


-this build cannot be duplicated without having that much ES or mana regen as the amount you see on the gear, you may end up not being able to pay the upkeep mana cost, or burning urself due to Righteous fire.

- both eye of chayula and dream fragments are a must

-This build´s kryptonite is called Lightning thorn buff. As soon as I see this I change from incinerate to freezing pulse, launching 50 projectiles per second and getting lightning damage per every projectile can kill yourself.

- this is not a casual build, it is expensive and uses what we could call an exploit that is the covenant to pay auras with life or being forced to use prism guardian

- avoid by all means hp affixes, it just add burning damage to urself.

-pay the 3x percentage auras with life

Been waiting for something like this to get built/posted. How does it play? Strong?
can´t explain how strong it is, because in path of exile dps is not the most important variable for fast killing, basically it is the skill mechanic, double spark totem and well geared Lighnin arrow, and power syphoon wanders, with less dps than me are able to clean up maps faster. (double spark totem and power syphoon wanders often have 1000 armors top tough)

defensively wise armor and resists arent the most important variable on surviving iether, positioning for your skills from safety is, and with those 3 build i mentioned the one that wins is the double spark totem. power syphoon and lignin arrow can hit from further distance.

this build allows the user to make mistakes without getting punished with instant death.

if you want fast map clearance go for double spark totem, those guys are op, but the closest build to faceroll this game that i have seen is this one.
Updated for .10, here's .11 and nothing yet. Boo hiss.
Vows - Level 73 Hardcore Facebreaker Cyclone.

Currently in hardcore, highly able to solo maps, 3.7k life, 4.4k tooltip Cyclone (8.9k actual). Will probably remake this character in Onslaught if I can get the gear (specifically the uniques, lol)

Current Gear:

Skill Tree:

Video of it in action, doing a Mountain Ledge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO4UMNlZloY


- Skills
Cyclone: Main DPS skill as well as AoE. Keep in mind that the Tooltip DPS is effectively half of what it should be due to Cyclone hitting twice per spin.
Immortal Call: Immunity to Physical Damage based on the amount of Endurance Charges you have. Keep this up at all times if possible or if needed - obviously if you're in the middle of a ton of casters, just keep endurance charges up. This last 18 seconds with 7 endurance charges.
Enduring Cry x2: Getting endurance charges in beginning of map.
Warlord's Mark: Quality gives endurance charges on kill a huge boost, also gives high life leech.

- Uniques
Abyssus Destroyer Casque: Best physical damage helmet for this build and Immortal Call negates the downside.
Facebreaker Strapped Mitts: Multiplies all damage by 9-11x more. The particular pair on this character are 992%, thus giving 10.92x damage.
Meginord's Girdle: 10-20 Physical Damage, 10% inc life, cold resist.

Some notes about the build.

- Meginord's Girdle vs Rustic Sash
In the beginning there is no competition between these two. However, once you get Abyssus into the build and you start maximizing the physical damage received from gear, a Rustic Sash can serve as a viable replacement. With my characters current gear, a Rustic Sash lowers DPS by about 100, but will give more life and resists provided that it rolls well. It needs to have over 70 life in order to give more life than my current Meginord's, however my current Meginord's could get another 4 life with a better implicit Strength roll. I'll likely eventually do this.

- Increased Melee Physical Damage nodes
The increased melee physical damage on the tree is quite useless for Facebreaker's and is the main reason I don't start Duelist with this build - it is a waste of two points. These nodes only affect the physical damage that is on your weapon, not your rings or amulets. The weapon in question here is a fist - so just about nothing happens.
This also makes quality on Melee Physical Damage support gem useless (~6 dps difference), but the multiplier on the gem is very useful.

- Shield vs Quiver
QUIVER STILL WORKS WITH THE BUILD. That said, a quiver would add around 440 tooltip DPS with the maximum rolls (Heavy Quiver with 6-10 physical roll). However, I am using an Archon Kiteshield to help my resists out a little more. Perhaps I will switch back to a quiver if I can manage to get more resistances, though having some block is nice. I'll probably change my build around on the tree to allow myself to get more resistances.
I also considered a Saffell's Frame since this build really is concerned moreso with incoming elemental damage. When this build has more life and resistances, I will try it out for sure.

- Abyssus vs Bringer of Rain
I could make a Bringer of Rain work but I would lose quite a bit of DPS and a TON of resistances. My boots are really doing nothing for me right now other than helping me level Infernal Blow and run Grace on my mana. The resists are the huge issue, though.
The all attributes on Abyssus is nice too. And the downside of Abyssus is negated by Immortal Call, which I would use with either of the uniques.

- Auras
Hatred is obvious, this build is physical.
Purity is used to boost elemental resistances as this build is using 3 uniques, 2 of which don't give any. It also raises maximum resistances to lower the amount of elemental damage we are taking. I would never replace this aura in endgame.
Haste is attack speed which is the main thing that helps us raise Cyclone's DPS. Technically speaking, all attack speed gets multiplied 2x because Cyclone hits twice per spin and spins at our attack speed. This raises my DPS by about 170.
Grace I use to fill the rest of my mana pool as all other skills that I use are linked with Blood Magic support gems. It gives me extra Evasion Rating to help against any attacker that has elemental damage. I considered Tempest Shield for a long time and may still use it, but if I can change some gear around to get more evasion rating (chest in particular, maybe boots too), I'll probably eventually get Arrow Dodging passive.

- Improvement?
My left ring is basically perfect. Highest physical possible on a ring (Annealed prefix is the max on a ring), 1 off highest life on ring, and highest chaos. My right ring could be replaced with something that has more damage/resists, though the life is pretty nice.
My amulet is pretty good but it can roll all tiers of physical damage (and is also the only thing that can roll all tiers of physical damage). This could really go up higher, but high physical damage amulets seem to be rare, specifically ones that are well rolled.
Quiver and shield were discussed earlier.
I may get some life leech on the tree because this build is mostly effective solo and not in groups as most groups won't use the Warlord's Mark curse. Adjusting as such isn't hard - replace your Warlord's Mark with another Enduring Cry and use those for your charges. Additionally you could Conduit charges, too - you're only 2 or 3 points away from the passive depending on how you build.
With a 6 link I am not sure what I would put as my 6th gem. Infernal Blow would make for an interesting 6th gem - it would probably have around 12k DPS, but that's not too much higher than Cyclone's actual DPS. It would also be much harder to desync using Infernal Blow, though. Would like to try Life on Hit, Life Leech, Concentrated Effect, and Increased Area of Effect as well.
I sort of want to run Molten Shell combined with Elemental Proliferation, Blood Magic, and Chance to Ignite/Increased Burn Damage. Immortal Call makes the threshold for detonation practically instant, and the burn damage is pretty huge. Perhaps that will be a separate build, though. It could be extremely fun. inb4someonesaysdischargeifimgoingtouseendurancecharges
I believe getting the 18% physical damage from oak would have been more DPS than getting the 8% attack speed from Kraityn.
I wanted to make an Infernal Blow Elemental Proliferation build and ignite everything with a Blackgleam, but unforunately when a mob blows up, it no longer proliferates. It would be overpowered as hell though, as I would be doing 3.3k-5.7k fire damage per hit. I would probably kill myself on reflect with it, especially if I added Melee Splash LOL

Skill tree I'm currently going for:

Endgame I'll probably work my way through dex nodes to Thick Skin and perhaps go to Arrow Dodging, but I'm not sure. I could also get the Attack Speed in the center of the tree for pretty cheap and an extra DPS boost of probably about 150 (tooltip)

Also, Sawblade Cyclone Effect has it's own special sound effects. Thanks to the audio developers :D
Current IGN: twitchtvTheuberelite

http://twitch.tv/theuberelite - I stream sometimes.
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Will the "build of the week" series continue in the future? It was really nice and I just might have a "good" enough char to submit for it :)
I actually think its a big mistake Chris you have stopped doing this. I know you guys are very busy but it was such a great way to advertise about the game. Many people I know only heard about POE because they got interested in seeing all these build of the week videos on YouTupe.

You should try to get this into you busy schedule again Chris

Or if you simply don't got the time maybe get one of our famous youtupers to do it. Krip comes to mind

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I actually think its a big mistake Chris you have stopped doing this. I know you guys are very busy but it was such a great way to advertise about the game. Many people I know only heard about POE because they got interested in seeing all these build of the week videos on YouTupe.

You should try to get this into you busy schedule again Chris

Or if you simply don't got the time maybe get one of our famous youtupers to do it. Krip comes to mind

I would kill to see Mark make the BotW Videos.
He explains detailed why the builds rock.
Then where the nerfhammer will apply. :D
I actually think its a big mistake Chris you have stopped doing this. I know you guys are very busy but it was such a great way to advertise about the game. Many people I know only heard about POE because they got interested in seeing all these build of the week videos on YouTupe.

You should try to get this into you busy schedule again Chris

Or if you simply don't got the time maybe get one of our famous youtupers to do it. Krip comes to mind

Yes, we miss such videos.

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