[0.10.0] Build of the Week submissions

St. Elmo's Fire - The Dual Totem, Elemental Equilibrium, Minion Explode, Dual curse, Fire Trap Templar
Why did I create this build?
I wanted a very powerful unique character in patch 10.0 that no one else uses, can solo the game, and has high survivability. I am now coming out with this build because i have played with a few public parties and want to claim this build as my own before someone else does.

Norm A1 in 15 Mins!

Norm A2 in 15 Mins!

Merciless FellShrine @ lvl 67

Merciless Lunaris Temple Lvl 3 @ lvl 68

Tropical Map Solo @ lvl 76

EE - Elemental Equilibrium
FT - Fire Trap
AoE - Area of Effect
Dmg - Damage

LC - Left Click
CC - Center Click
RC - Right Click

So how did I theorycraft this....
I placed an order of importance on things that I wanted in a character.
1.) Resistances, High Hp, Safety, Kill Speed, Uniqueness

Why Elemental Equilibrium?
1.) Simply, no one uses it
2.) I wanted to be different
3.) It got a bit of a buff in patch 10.0 to -50%
4.) EE is a trade off. I kill white monsters slightly slower at a cost of being able to kill rare monsters and bosses at twice the speed.

Why Dual Totems?
1.) They create a diversion
2.) They raise your DPS
3.) 2 totems is like having a 2nd player by your side.

Why did I choose Arc for totems?
1.) 10% chance to shock!!
2.) The ability to hit multiple monsters with 1 shot.
3.) It can shoot from far.
3.) It always hits unlike spark.
4.) It doesn't need a bunch of costly support gems to be effective.
5.) It sets off EE for more trap dmg!!

Why Zombies and Minion Explode?
1.) More dmg!! Utilize the EE of the totems!
2.) They tank for you.
3.) AT lvl 68, my zombies have 3.4k hp. so they do 1.3k base dmg per explode.
4.) AT lvl 74 Zombies have 7.4k hp doing 2.5k dmg per explode.

Why Dual Curses and What Curses?
1.) Only have to curse monsters once and its there permanently
2.) Elemental Weakness -30% all resists nuff said
3.) Critical Weakness - doubles your chance of critting.
4.) Highly effective on bosses / rares.
*I will note that it may be effectice to use the conductivity curse and utilize shocking.
*This turned out to be true. Use conductivity unless you use increased critical chance support gems, or until your critical chance exceeds 25%.

Why Fire Trap as my main attack?
1.) Aside from Molten Shell, it is the single most damaging spell in the game.
2.) Requires little if any support gems.
3.) Traps can be thrown very rapidly.
4.) Can utilize them with dual totems.
5.) Very easy to get this gem.
6.) Takes advantage of EE.
7.) Its AoE and can hit multiple enemies.

What Auras and why?
Clarity - traps use hella mana
Grace - I like not not getting hit and requires little mana
Discipline - Additional Energy Shield

Passive Tree lvl 9 Brutus Fight

Passive Tree lvl 13 Merveil Fight

Passive Tree 32 points in

Passive Tree 46 points in

Passive Tree 56 points in

Passive Tree lvl 67

Passive Tree @ Lvl 74

Theoretical Passive Tree Endgame (Dual Daggers w/ crit)

*What I am planning for endgame content is holding 2 daggers or 2 wands w/ high crit chance / cast speed
*Things are still hitting hard so I will make a theoretical passive tree holding a shield.
Theoretical Passive Tree Endgame Shield

*I am now exploring other routes and experimenting w/ increased buff effects to see if those auras are worth it for greater survivability. I have been hit HARD a few times by desynched bosses and was almost 1 hit.
Gems & Supports (Ideal) Arranged in order of importance
1.) Arc + Spell Totem + Faster Cast + Elemental Proliferation + Chain + Iron Will
I am not using chain as of yet. I feel it will increase white and blue mob kill speed but decrease rare mob kill speed. It is a matter of preference really.

2.) Fire Trap + Iron Will + Increased Area of Effect + Concentrated Effect + Reduced Mana
Iron will is the most important support gem here. Raises the damage while having no adverse effects. Increased area is nice for doing damage to a larger area. I am using 4 fire trap gems

3.) Raise Zombie + Minion Life + Minion Speed + Reduced Mana
Zombies are a key meat shield once you get to merciless. The minion life is the best support to increase the minion instability damage. Minion damage is pretty useless in this build. I chose minion speed becasue there is a greater chance minions will be right next to enemy when they explode

4.) Auras + Reduced Mana

What gear to look for?
Since we're stacking resists, we don't need any resist gear! 2 ez!
0.) +skills! +minion gems on helm and +2 fire on weapon!
1.) Life - TONS of life this mod better be on every item you own
2.) Armor - so things like Vaal falling rocks won't 1 hit u!
3.) Run speed on boots. Run speed is very nice. Allows you to run when u need to.
3.) Did I mention HP!?!?!
4.) Chaos resist as 3rd most important mod on gear!
5.) Energy shield! Get it and lots of it.
6.) Cast speed. Faster totems cast the more they can shock!
7.) Spell dmg. Boost ur trap dmg a bit.
8.) +Strength - More dmg w/ Iron will and more hp! 2 for 1!
9.) +dex - if u get +dex you can stack some evasion and refuns 1 or 2 dex passives you took
10.) Mana - Get enough mana and maybe run 1 more aura! Discipline would b nice!

1.) Massive dmg w/o sacrificing into many dmg nodes
2.) EZ
3.) No worries vs ANY reflect
4.) Dual curse GREAT for parties
5.) Tank w/ zombie meat shield

1.) No leech :(
2.) Can't break pots on ground
3.) Sore back from carrying groups of noobs.
4.) Sometimes hard to get enemies to trigger traps but not usually
5.) Takes a high lvl to spec into it.

The Hotkeys - these hotkeys I use you can do whatever you want
LC - Elemental Weakness
CC - Clarity / Tempest Shield / Grace / Raise Zombie
RC - Arc Totem
Q - Fire Trap 1
W - Fire Trap 2
E - Fire Trap 3
A - Fire Trap 4
S - Critical Weakness / conductivity / flammibility

How to play
1.) Item farming in an easy zone such as fellshrine (White Mob)
Run ahead and look for a mob w/ at least 4 enemies
Upon spotting the enemy take a few steps back to avoid ranged attacks.
Hold RC until 2 totems are cast.
Quickly drink 1 mana pot
LC center of mob to curse them all w/ Elemental Weakness
Quickly throw 1-2 traps depending on strength of mobs
Don't forget to detonate if your using remote mine.
Mob should be dead.

2.) You run across Rare Mob in fellshrine
*This is where this build really shines.
Acquire target group
Summon 2 totems directly in front of your char between you and mob
LC to curse whole mob
Quickly press A then S
This will throw a trap and curse them before the trap lands.
Now begin to spam throwing traps.
Detonate if your using remote mine gem.
*mob should die really fast

3.) When Moving in a hard area.
What I do is summon totems in front of me as a lure to see if enemies will come rushing out.
When the enemies come I summon another totem next to previous one and throw a few traps and curse the area. Mobs still die extremely fast.

Choosing your Quest Rewards
Use this spreadsheet to help determine the skills you will choose.

Gear to Look for.
Current gear as of lvl 75

Your priorities are: HP, Armor, Max Resists, Spell Dmg , Mana
IGN: YeahCrit

My Guides
Dual Claw Molten Strike Ranger HC: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1178252
Elmo Fire Templar HC: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/93967
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Completed 8 Challengesgarbles wrote:
genius build

This one is really, really well thought out.
P̯̹̙̥̉̏ͦͯA̠̝̰̣̯͕͚̲̭͈̥̠͑̓̿ͦ̾ͯ̍ͅͅȚ̜̦͕̞̞̠̮͎͔͙͔̺̺͉̟̿̿̏ͬ͛͋̍ͮ̌̚H̹͕͚̟͍̘̤̱̻̬͓̬̮̫̦͖̳̹ͮͨ̒̉ͮ̿̈ͪ̇̿͆ͭ̃ͭ̃ͭ̚ ̲̫̞̤͓̳͑ͬ̾͌ͯ͐͂̿͗ͨ͋͑̍͐͗̾̄O͕̮̻͔̳̠͉͖̳͖͈̻͇͈̣̙̪͈ͨ͐̒̽ͣ̋ͅF̣͎̞̞̯̝ͦ͌̆ͥ̈͐̾ͣ̔ͮ̐̀̏ͪ̚ ̟̩͙̙̩̮̻̼ͬ͑ͥͦ͗̿E̼̭̩̜͕̱̤̭̞͖̳͍̝̤̼͓̗ͩͫ̌ͬ̊̋̄͑͗̽X͕̰̪̱̲̩̙̦͓͓̯̠̤̝̝̯̣̥̀̋̌̍̚Ȉ̖̟͔̩̝̊̿ͪͅL̺͓̻̰̀͋̅ͮͧE͔̼͚͕̮̻̟̩̪̖̫̪̦͙̎̑͆̏ͨͅ
bumpty boo, we wanna see the BoTW :D

EK EB Iron Will Witch

Yup, another EK build. This one focuses on maximizing survivability through stacking strength, life and regen, all the while capitalizing on that by using Iron Will together with EK, and using EB to support auras and insane mana costs.

94 point build
lvl 66 map runs @ 72
IGN : Jovial
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Lightning Witch
This build uses Shock nova and Arc as my main spells. This is a build made for hardcore. What makes this build so powerful is the ability to stack shock status on anything, even bosses in lvl 70+ maps. I'm currently lvl 85(Died 2 days ago sadly)

Passive Skill Tree:

FleepQc's Lightning Witch

I mainly focus on cast speed, lightning damage and life on the passive skill tree. I have a total of 256% life(wich is pretty good), a total of 130% lightning damage, a total of 90% crit for spells, a total of 36% cast speed. I think the stats you get from this are insane.

-Shock Stacking Everything
-Very good solo clearing speed
-Very Safe
-Good Group utility(shock stacking and a lot of auras)
-Insane Damage
-Doesn't need good gear
-Insane Cast speed(so very mobile).
-High Hp
-High Mana

-Very Very high mana cost(mostly arc)
-Cannot do Blood Magic and no regen maps
-All lightning damage= not very good against lightning resistant mobs.
-not the best single target dps.
-No Energy shield

Shock Nova(AoE): Shock nova does insane damage and the quality bonus is insane for stacking shock status on tarets
-Faster Casting
-Lightning Penetration
-Spell Totem
-Increased Area of Effect(5 link)

Shock Nova(Single target): Concetration Effect makes shock nova do insane dps single target while stacking the shock status on the target(shouldnt survive more than 6 seconds usually).
-Faster Casting
-Lightning Penetration(5 link)
-Concetration Effect
-Spell Totem

Arc: Only using this spell because I don't like dual totem(Boring) and is really safe to use because of it's range.
-Faster Casting
-Added Lightning Damage(or lightning penetration if you are doing a 75%+ lightning Resist Map)
-Elemental Proliferation


Determination: A must.
Purity: Very useful
Clarity: You need a lot of mana regen
Discipline: With Eldritch Battery it increases your maximum mana by more than it reserve and more mana= mana regen.

Bump, this thread deserves to be seen. At some point I'll make a submission but I'm not ready for that yet.
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Dominating Blow Build !

I like making new build that no one play so I came up with this one. I'm currently lvl 73 on hardcore and dominating blow a really good potential to be good. This build consist in having enough surviability to stay in melee long enough that I can kill 1 or 2 guy with dominating blow and then it starts to chain. This a really fun build to play with and it is really good in group play.

Passive Skill Tree

FleepQc's Dominating Blow

You need blood magic for this build because the mana cost of dominating blow is just insane. I'm going Iron reflexes because I'm using grace aura wich gives me a lot of armor and then I'm getting some minion damage to scale the minions that I dominate. Then you need the 3 skill duration near the ranger tree.

-Really safe when you have a lot of minions.
-Really fun to play
-Fairly easy to solo
-Has insane group utility


-Hard to get started.
-Bad visibility of what's going on when you have 20+ minions
-Rely on getting good minions to do well.(will be very slow if you get all shitty mobs in a map)
-INSANE mana cost

Dominating blow:

Support you need:
-Increased Duration
-Culling Srike
-Faster Attacks

Support you might want:
-Increased minion damage
-Life leech
-Melee Physical
-Added Lightning Damage(or cold)

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Anyone have an awesome claw or dagger shadow build for hardcore sweetness for the current tree?
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[scratches arms and veins really fast]

Come on maaan, we need our fix..

Completed 15 ChallengesFleepQc wrote:

Passive Skill Tree

FleepQc's Dominating Blow

-Bad visibility of what's going on when you have 20+ minions
-Rely on getting good minions to do well.(will be very slow if you get all shitty mobs in a map)

How would you get 20 minions with this build? I'm sorry but not getting this.

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