New Ground Slam Effect in 1.1.2

Top notch visual effect.

Well done!
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I think ppl are right, it looks damn cool, but too "loud" for a level 1 skill. Why don't you turn it into a MT and make the doge guy create a less showy effect, something like a mini seismic wave?
A very expected disconnection occurred.

Sometimes I wonder if GGG really knows what is so fun about their game...
For people worried about graphical intensity, didn't GGG make it so quick succession GSlams to only play the animation once?

Will this still be the case? Multi+FastAspd could make for some really spiky... well, spikes. :P
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Well, it's not really glound slam anymore, although it looks good it looks like a spell (ice wall).

I liked the old design with wave and glowing something (imagination told me: lava).
At least turn the "spikes" into "bumps", please.
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Spikes from underground after a slam with wepon?! WTF is this shit?

Looks like zerg attack.

I hoped to see some king of blast wave that rolls after the slam.

As for my taste - complete bullshit.
Looks like zerg attack.

Lurkers OP.

So does Vaal Ground Slam now do a massive 360 spike AoE?
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/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTN4B0uRq8IKvlHMTMQAL6KfGsjBor2Tjm-h-rXqRRC9DQcq0K1 if u know what i mean

Quoted for truth. :P

Can't wait. Such amaze. Very Impale. Such Nyx Assassin.
40/40, can't believe I did it! :O
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hehe nice one :D i've been noticing those problems now that im playing with a ground slam marauder.
I will be honest. It´s a cool effect but it´s not groundslam anymore.
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cool looking
i <3 minesweeper

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