New Ground Slam Effect in 1.1.2

One element of Monday's 1.1.2 content update is an updated visual effect for Ground Slam. You can see a video here. This isn't a purchasable microtransaction effect - it's a completely replacement of what the base skill looks like. The old Ground Slam effect looked outdated (it was made in 2010), didn't scale with area of effect increases and couldn't travel up and down height changes cleanly. The new one solves these problems and is a lot more impactful to play with.

We're now at 50 credited Atziri kills in Ambush and Invasion. The reward microtransactions have been awarded to the winners.
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But I want to pay for it.
IGN: Aux
First page!
love it!
whoa looks awesome guys
Well, that looks good, actually!
That looks awesome! And if it increases with increasing AoE, it will be even more badass!
ign:Aka/WindREEP/Equoris/DevilsmilE/TheLastHour/BigFuckinMaulMan and a lot more.
I love it. Are any other skills being re-modelled visually?
IGN: Sin
first page

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