[INV/HC] Pohx's 1H Eva / Arm / Block / Spell Block / Vaal Cyclone [ MELEE MADNESS ] DS / Spectral

Please Note That All Material & Information On This Guide Are scheduled to change due to " Theory Crafting " Nothing In Here Is Set In Stone. Also Please Note That These Guides Are Like Templates For You To Use. By No Means Do You Have To Follow Them Exactly As Presented.

Please remember as a reminder that I'm doing my best to update the Guide. However, I'm testing new builds/skills/gems/gear DAILY and it's an extreme hassle to update information every few hours. To minimize this i'm resorting to updating every 1-2 Days

For any additional information, ask me anything on my Live Stream or Youtube, Please Read The Guide First!

Live Stream --> Twitch.tv/Pohx
Youtube ----> https://www.youtube.com/user/0hxP

-New Video's Section-
The 3 Newest Video's will be located here at all times to make life easier for everyone to browse this long post, once it becomes old it'll move to it's respected category in the guide.

1) Pohx's Favorite Leveling Spots

2) Ds/St Build Leveling Path and Explanation


Every Skill Gem I use, Including Weapon Swap & Testing Gems

Gem Links

-Faster Attacks ( Swapped out for Temp Chains at Times )
-Blood Magic
-Leap Slam

-Reduced Mana
-Determination ( Or Vitality )
-Hatred ( Or Grace )
-Blood Rage ( An Open link for you to use )

-Enduring Cry ( Level 7 )
-Increased Duration
-Immortal Call ( Level 6 )
-Cast When Damage Taken ( Level 5 )

-Vaal Cyclone ( Or Spectral Throw )
-Blind ( Or faster Projectiles )
-Life Gain on Hit
-Increased Duration ( Or Added fire )

-Enfeeble ( Level 3 ) [ My Intel on Gear Spikes a ton so I'm just leaving it here for now ]
-Cast When Damage Taken ( Level 4 )
-Smoke Mine ( Not affected by your CWDT, level it )

-Double Strike
-Melee Physical
-Blood Magic
-Melee Splash ( Swapped out for Added Fire )

How to Use Vaal Cyclone ( In Testing )


The above video shows how insane the potential of the skill is.

Vaal Cyclone vs Spectral Throw ( This is what you'll be swapping for it )

-Insane Clear Speed
-You can tank for your group by pulling mobs towards you
-Only requires 64 Souls so it's really not hard to obtain

-EXTREMELY Dangerous if used incorrectly, ex Soul conduit / Volatile Mob Types
-Requires gear to actually sustain the damage
-You will need a high level reduced mana to support the Links

Vaal Cyclone Links

-Life Gain on Hit
-Increased Duration

My cyclone costs 67/69 Mana so I'm really limited on what i'm able to use with it W/o blood magic

Gear + Stats lvl 89

DPS As of Level 89 With Hatred + Frenzy charges

Level 89 Defensive Stats Tab ( Grace + Determ )

Bandit Rewards
Oak ( Feel free To kill Them all If you Don't Micro END Charges )

Leveling Guide!

Pohx's Favorite Leveling Spots

If you're new to the game and don't have anything to start off with, simply follow these steps and you'll level up in no time.

1. Create a scion/buy spectral throw and mule it over to your ranger
2. Create your ranger and obtain the spectral throw, start using a corroded blade and level up, go ahead and grab double strike as your quest reward as your single target
3. You'll to buy 2 added fire gems or create a marauder for your Spectral throw & Double Stike For leveling purposes do not overlink your gear or you will run out of mana, MAKE SURE you're running "MANA FLASKS"
*** For a Weapon upgrade you can simple do the Whetstone + Rustic sash recipe, google can assist you in this process

4. Links
Double - Added Fire - Melee Phys - Faster Attacks
Spectral - Added Fire - Phys Projectile Damage - LMP
Leap Slam, Faster Attacks
( This is the bare minimum, you do not need anything more then what is listed here, in fact you don't even need what's listed here. )

#1 Don't Over link your gear
#2 Run Saturated Mana Potions
#3 Don't use a Tabula rasa
#4 Feel free to get Mana gained on Kill Gear
#5 Don't afraid to spec into mana nodes early game
#6 I have never used clarity for leveling, don't ask me about it

6. What auras do I run?
Feel free to run hatred, nothing else is really required early game, this will get you a huge damage boost for your leveling

7. My Personal Favorite Leveling Zones
I Do Not Level In Zones Till a Certain Level, I level up until I hit Gear requirements & Cap my resists, there is no supposed " Set level of a zone " Leave when you feel you're comfortable

Act 1 Ledge & Climb
Act 2 Western Forest, Caverns & Chamber of Sins 2
Act 3 City of Sarn, Lunaris Temple 3

Unique Items

Will update with information After

-Belly of The Beast
-Lion Eyes
-Bringer of Rain
-Daresso's Defiance
-Crest of Perandus
-Mings Heart
-Death Rush
-Saffaels Frame
-Blood Dance
-Wurums Molt

Youtube Content


Merci Docks + Build Explanation


Near Rip
Chaos Alchs are Angry http://www.twitch.tv/pohx/c/3887786

Exile + Unique Boss http://www.twitch.tv/pohx/c/3887799

Unique Flame Flag Boss http://www.twitch.tv/pohx/c/3890899
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Will be streaming all Day Tomorrow, feel free to stop by and check the build out
Going Live now if anyone wants to see gameplay!
Imma follow this build. Don't let me down.
Gear has been updated
You are not using any type of life leech? I see no lgoh/ll gem nor life leech on equip.
Beyond league.
You are not using any type of life leech? I see no lgoh/ll gem nor life leech on equip.

Nope, lgoh is on weapon swap for leveling and is swapped out for added fire if needed, also using 2% leech ( BLood Drinker ) from Mara tree
New Youtube Video Explaining the build coming up shortly!
Ey phox, how do you feel about getting Acrobatics with this build (or a very close to this one)?? A good idea or the 4 points needed are not worth it?
sejas wrote:
Ey phox, how do you feel about getting Acrobatics with this build (or a very close to this one)?? A good idea or the 4 points needed are not worth it?

Acro is more towards end game imo

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