[1.3.x] Dual Flame Totems: Solo, Self-Found, Beginner-friendly. AA+EB!

Credit for that build : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/815946/page/1

Also, for leveling till 31, shockwave totem is awesome, with the passives you have then. Supported by lightning dmg gem and melee attacks from yourself.
Ha, seems Assmucus' and my build are slowly merging together. :) They were more different when we started out! Well, I guess that IS a good thing, since it reflects a greater collection of experiences.
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Now I'm gonna have to go and make an EB totem build and feel it out. Spring break here I come!
I updated the build for both classes and made adjustments to the text as well as the "where to go from here?" part. Also, I added a paragraph at the top with credit for Assmucus and all of you who have provided feedback (and will hopefully keep doing so). :)

(And now I go back to mapping, break's over!)
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Curious why you insist on elemental weakness over sticking with just flammability?
I take my oath and solemnly swear i will spread the love of flame totems the same way some girls spr- oh oh . i mean, thank you! ◔ ◡ ◔
Very disappointed that you deleted this. Most guides Don't take into account players that haven't played enough to know really what's going on, and you had such a perfect leveling guide with quest rewards to take and everything. Even if it's similar to another, a simple link and a tag saying this isn't going to be updated anymore would have been fine.
Shame on you.
Such a shame you removed the content of this great build. Not often you seen so comprehensive, detailed guides, with quest rewards breakdown, explanations etc. For a lot of newbies out there, this thread might have been a go-to source of Flame Totem information.
While Assmucus' thread is decent, it lacks complexity of this one.

If you still have the content of this thread, can you please put it back, with information about closing discussion and moving to Assmucus' thread?

Kudos to you for gathering so much info on this topic and have good drops!
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I still have the original text (thank you for the kind words) and may put the static information on a page (or just a general FT-related post). I mostly felt that we ended up with two guides for what had become the same build, and he had posted his a couple days before, so we were duplicating both the information and (especially) the discussion.

edit: Looking over the original text, I think I'll go ahead and put the information in a generic Flame Totem "compendium" with class and skill discussions, leveling advice, playstyle tips, etc and links to the various builds that float around. Necro was doing this for Righteous Fire and I thought that was a good idea.

I'll have it done in a few days. :)
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All right, I give in! I had several PMs and the posts here about re-posting the guide. So, here it is again! The build differs now from both the previous version and my joint built with Asscumus, but it is still close.

I updated the content, as well. Leveling tips and breakdowns will follow.

Biggest change: I dropped Added Chaos Damage for Added Lightning Damage (quality), and added Static Blows to the build.

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