0.10.0d Patch Notes

Keep up the good work! Thanks.
thanks for the very fast response GGG
GGG, U rock as always.
ign : Seeho
Great Job GGG :) working very quickly , admiring you all more than any other game companies.<3
Mazeraff wrote:
Could timers on personal loot while in group be like 2 seconds longer? Sometimes people snag stuff when I'm just about to get there. I've lost needed drops this way. When you're armored and kinda slow it makes it hard to be competitive for loot.

The loot timers are set to some multiple of the amount of time it would take the named character to walk to the loot in question, with their current movement speed. While in some cases it might be nice to have this longer in public parties, in private ones where you trust your friends to hand over loot which would be good for you, it can also just get in the way. I heard something to the effect that they were eventually going to allow players to configure their own loot timers to some extent, which might be a good way to go about it.
Nice :-)
Looking forward to playing again today evening.

Awesome game btw :D
Awesome, u guys rock!
What to say apart another bunch of thanks ? :)
As always: Keep up the good work! :-)
Thanks alot! So fast!

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