0.10.0d Patch Notes

Epic! Thanks guys!
If wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.
Thanks guys.

I'm here to describe the complete satisfaction of participating in a fantastic game!! And especially for your team that much is working to reach perfection. I say that to all the Developers and workers are to be congratulated for all the progress already made ​​and are still making. Ie We thank all the staff, until even those who make coffee and clean the floor so that you guys can work in a comfortable environment., A hug to the whole team!!
PS: Since I'm from Brazil, sorry my english its not correct ;)

Awesome work, this game is stupendous. The game is balanced pretty good now... just curious though are my minions supposed to die so easily now?, seems like they barely get any life/change at all per level, makes me wonder why I am leveling them at all... Is any other summoners out there finding their minions weak?

Rock on GGG
Conan: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
Never dance with the Devil because a dance with the Devil could last you forever...
-I thought what I'd do was,I'd Pretend I was one of those deaf mutes-
Nullus Anxietas:)
Server off?
You guys are awesome! Path is a really really great arpg!!
IGN@ Im_Better_Than_You.

Thank you guys for your hard work GGG!!
This is so amazing for such a small team, thank you for such an awesome game. I love it over D3 any day!
THIS GAME is the BETTER then anything PC player could have ask for.
There is so much reason why I LOVE this game...

You guy at GGG really listen to the player community understand what they want, there is so many huge company that dosen't and deliver some disapointing games.

Even if it is free i'm gonna buy something in the micro transaction to support U GGG
because I like you mentality : "The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win"

Your an Awesome TEAM GGG


You guys are really on thee ball with catching issues and potential problems. As long as you don't start catering to the whiners about it being to easy I might have found a new home.

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