0.10.0d Patch Notes

fuuu i dc for this? :P
Keep up the good work!
Im A New Player and im just waiting for it to download and from the looks of the videos the game looks awesome im looking forward to playing
The game is absolutly awsome !!! i hawe not play a good game like this for a long time

GJ !!!
Cool :-D I'm loving how dedicated you guys are!
keep up the great work.
thanks for the patch i was getting a few disconnects great to see its been fixed! keep it up :D
Keep it up guys!
Any word on desyncs? I'm getting no lag but dying to desync quite often...

AOE life leech marauder with Resolute Technique.

Walk into pack of 20 mobs and Sweep... no damage.

Resync and suddenly I'm dead. 50ms latency with no lag spikes.
Good job guys, good job.

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