0.10.0d Patch Notes

Very quick response to issues. Great job.
thanks for the hardwork and quick patches :D
Love it, you guys are right on the problems! Unlike some people.

Got the patch downloaded in like a minute.
thank you for hard work...even on public holiday :D
GGG is superrrr :)
On top of Bugs like a Boss! Other companies please take out your notebooks, ipads, laptops, or pen and paper: Take notes from GGG please. ^_^
The pyromancers are so hardcore that the server can't sustain them! epic.
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Yay more fixes, you guys rock
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Hey thanks for the good beta so far.

AFter this last patch 0.10.0D i'm getting "Could not start the patched client" error window.

Please advice.

Thanks for your hard work, i am loving this game.

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